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Minecraft Quiz

A quiz on minecraft

Who is notch? The creator of Minecraft
What is the rarest resource In mine craft? Emerald
What do villagers trade in? Emeralds
Who made this test? Yodaddy2
What do you need to make a Beacon? Whither Star, Glass, Obsidian.
What Do you need to make a enchantment table? Diamonds, Obsidian, Book.
What does a pig turn into when it gets hit by lightning? A Zombie Pigman
What did they add in the 1.7.2 Update? New Biomes
What did they add in the 1.6.4 update? Horses
Who Is yodaddy2? Herobrine's Long lost brother, @%$^$ERROR$%Z&$
How did herobrine come to be? A bug or a glitch.
What is the nether's nickname? Hell
What two flying creatures live in the nether? Blaze, Ghast.
How do you get to the end? You need to find the end portal in a fortress.
What happens after you beat the ender dragon? He will drop lots of xp, make a portal home, and leave an egg on the ground you cant pick up.
How do you obtain nether warts? You find them in a stronghold in the nether.
What is Notch's real name? Marcus Persson.
How do you get milk? Cows.
how much iron do you need to make shears? Two.
Name two ways to activate a wooden button? Punch it, Shoot an arrow at it.
Name two ways to collect a music disc? Skeleton killing a creeper and dungeon chests.
What do you need to make a music player? 8 wood, 1 diamond.
What do you need to make a note block? 8 wood, 1 redstone.
Where can you find dirt. Anywhere in the over-world realm.
What is the current version? 1.7.2
What happens when you try and get the enderdragon egg? It teleports away.
What buuton is for placing blocks? Right Click.
What does a villager turn into when struck bp lightning in the latest snapshop? A whitch.
What do you need to make carpet? Wool.
How many flowers are there in minecraft? 13
How old is minecraft? 14 Years old.
Created by: Yodaddy2