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Maglagay Put
Ng pera money
bayaran ang lahat ng mga utang pay all debts
ibabaw surface
maglagay ng mga barya put coins
buksan ang mga bintana at mga pinto open windows and doors
suwerte luck
malas illfortune
bagong taon sa pilipinas new year in the philippines
ano ang gagawin mo? what do you do?
laba washing of clothes
magpalaba to have someone do the laundry
pintura paint
magpapintura to have someone paint something
gupit haircut
to get a haircut
kain eating
magpakain to feed, to let someone eat
tulog sleep
magpatulog to put to bed, to knock-out
nagpagupit si Paul Paul got a haircut
nagpapagupit si Paul Paul is getting a haircut
magpapagupit si Paul Paul will get a haircut
nagpatulog si Jen ng bata Jen put the child to sleep
nagpapatulog si Jen ng bata. Jen is putting the child to sleep
magpapatulog si Jen ng bata Jen will put the child to sleep
nagpabili ako ng gulay sa kapatid ko I bought vegetables for my sibling
nagpaluto siya (ng adobo) sa babae He/she had the woman cook (adobo)
nagpatulog siya ng bata He/she put the child to sleep
siya ang nagpatulog kay John siya ang nagpatulog ng/sa bata he/she was the one who put John in bed he/she was the one who put the child to bed
Ipa- to let , make or have someone do something
hiram borrowing
ipahiram to let someone borrow something
luto cooking, cuisine
ipaluto to make someone cook something
kain eating
ipakain to make someone eat something
linis cleaning
ipalinis to make someone clean something
kita seeing
ipakita to make or let someone see something, to show
ipinahiram ni Peter kay Heidi ang libro Peter lent the book to Heidi
ipinapahiram ni Peter kay Heidi ang libro Peter is lending the book to Heidi
ipapahiram ni Peter kay Heidi ang libro Peter will lend the book to Heidi
ipinakita ni Andrew kay Mike ang picture Andrew showed Mike the picture
Created by: Solkatt



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