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When they are and are not used directly after conjugated verb

To like Aimer
To to prefer Aimer mieux
To go Aller
-to do something in vain Avoid beau
To intend Compter
To want Désirer
Should, must,ought Devoir
To hope Espérer
To dare Oser.
To intend Penser
To be able Pouvoir
To prefer Préférer
To know how Savior
To want Vouloir
To enjoy one's self S'amnuser à
To learn how Apprendre à
To manage to Arriver à
To expect to S'attendre à
To have to Avoir à
To try to Checher à
To begin to Commencer à
To devote ones self to Se consacrer à
To consent to Consentir à
To continue Continuer à
To decide to Se décider à
To be bored doing something S'ennuyer à
To practice S'exercer à
To get used to S'exercer à
To hesitate to Hésiter à
To be interested in S'intéresser à
To begin to S'intéresser à
To persist stubbornly in S'obstiner à
To manage to Parvenir à
To spend one's time doing something Passer son temps à
To be thinking of Penser à
To get ready to Se préparer à
To resign one's self to Se résigner à.
To succeed in Réussir à
To be thinking of doing something Songer à
To tend to Tendre à
To insist on Tenir à
To abstain from S' abstenir de
To agree to Accepter de
To stop S ' arrêter de
To intend to Avoir l' intention de
To be afraid of Avoir Peur de
To be right to Avoir raison de
To be wrong to Avoir tort de
To be dying to Brûlér de
To make sure to, to see to it Se charger de
To choose to Choisir de
To fear Craindre de
To decide to Dècider de
To hurry to Se dépêcher de
To refrain from S' empêcher de
To hurry, rush to S' empresser de
To undertake to Entreprendre de
To try to Essayer de
To marvel at S' éntonner de
To avoid Éviter de
To apologize for S' excuser de
To finish Finir de
To claim too, be able to Se flatter de
To deserve to Mériter de
To forget to Oublier de
To talk about Parler de
To promise to Promettre de
To set out to, mean to, intend to Se proposer de
To refuse to Refuser de
To regret to Regretter de
To resolve to Résoudre de
To run the risk of Risquer de
To have just done something Venir de
Created by: Lovicoel