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Lesson 3

abstruse difficult to understand, recondite, concealed
affable friendly, courteous, amiable
audacity excessive boldness, rashness, daring
contrite extremely apologetic, remorseful, repentant
credulous believing on slight evidence, gullible
depravity moral corruption, a wicked or preserve act
deprecate to disapprove regretfully, to belittle, to express mild disapproval
didactic instructive, designed to teach
dormant inactive, sleeping
enigmatic mysterious, inexplicable, puzzling
erudite scholarly
exotic foreign, unfamiliar
fuse to mix or to join (usually by melting)
immutable unchanging
incorrigible incapable of being reformed or improved
loathe to detest
mitigate to cause to become less harsh or hostile; to make less severe
nullify to cause not to be in effect, to negate
pacifistic opposed to war or use of force
pretentious making an extravagant outward show, self-important
prologue introductory remarks in a speech, play or literary work, introductory action
recant to withdraw or to repudiate a statement or belief, revoke
servile overly submissive
trepidation fear, trembling, agitation
vilify to malign, to defame, to utter abusive statements against
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