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PACE notes

The earliest surviving form of this instrument was attributed to Andrea Amati ; is one octave below the viola cello
wrote Method of Mechanical Theorems ; wrote On Floating Bodies ; wrote The Sphere and the Cylinder Archimedes
its capitals are at Muzaffarabad and Srinagar ; a Line of Control was established in 1949 Kashmir
was a rival o Francisco Santander Simon Bolivar
repelled the siege of Dieppe ; married Margaret of Scotland ; known as the "spider" Louis the Ninth
this bank robber was shot by Robert Ford Jesse Woodson James
its Tsallis and Shannon types are used in image compression entropy
means “place of the young spring” Arizona
refers to the cause of all ordered events in the worldview of Henri Bergson ; this French phrase means “life force” élan vital
William Bourne published the earliest written description of this invention in 1580 ; the first working version did not appear until 1623, developed by Cornelius Drebbel ; first used in military applications in 1776 when David Bushnell built the Turtle. submarine
was a chief sponsor of the Civil Rights Act of 1875, for which he delivered "Barbarism of Slavery"; insulted Andrew P. Butler and caned by Preston Brooks Charles Sumner
He became prominent with the Scythian Suite for piano and his first symphony is nicknamed the “Classical.” While The Fiery Angel may be his greatest opera, War and Peace is his most ambitious. Sergei Prokofiev
happened a month after Harfleur Battle of Agincourt
sparked by the protests of William Sancroft against the Declaration of Indulgence ; John Churchill,the Duke of Marlborough, Prince George, and Princess Anne defected, and the Immortal Seven sent a message to the Netherlands calling for a replacement Glorious Revolution
Richard Cobden and John Bright founded a namesake League to campaign against these ; blamed for contributing to the Irish Potato Famine Corn Laws
snatch away the food and defile the table of the blind king Phineus until given aid by the Argonauts ; include Poene, Podarge, Caelano, Aello, Ocypete, Calais, Zetes harpies
included Clotho, the spinner; Lachesis, the measurer; and Atropos, the cutter the Fates
Formed by root and shoot tips in the apical meristem, this tissue conducts food made in the leaves to all other parts of the plant phloem
Zhu Wen deposed its last emperor, Aizong ; included the rise of the Empress Wu Zeitan and the An Lushan rebellion ; also included local military leaders known as “jiedushi” Tang Dynasty
began in Changan Silk Road
coined by James Braid ; It produces hypermnesia, in which so-called “repressed memories” may be recalled ; popularized by Friedrich Mesmer hypnosis
the longest in the world is Greenland’s Scoresby Sund ; the only “true” one on the United States’ Atlantic coast is Somes Sound in Maine ; the deepest one on record is found in Skelton Inlet in Antarctica fjord
antioxidants are important in stopping the propagation of what unstable type of atom with an unpaired electron ; found by Moses Gomberg in 1900 at University of Michigan free radicals
replaced William Kieft as governor of Swedish Delaware Peter Stuyvesant
Convened by Paul III, and closed 18 years later by Pius IV ; Council of Trent
degeneration of it results in the disease known as multiple sclerosis. Produced by Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes, it helps to insulate the axon ; it increases the propagation velocity of action potentials in the nervous system myelin sheath
This 1963 case extended the scope of the Powell v. Alabama and overturned a conviction for breaking into a Bay City, Florida pool hall. Gideon v. Wainwright
wrote A Dance of the Forests ; The Lion and the Jewel ; Kongi’s Harvest Wole Soyinka
wrote Blood Knot ; Sizwe Banzi is Dead ; Master Harold and the Boys Athol Fugard
Used in dilution refrigerators, the temperature threshold for its occurrence can be found on a graph of specific heat capacity versus temperature, and is known as the lambda point. John Allen and Peter Kapitza discovered what property of helium-4 and othe superfluidity
This lowest freshwater lake in the world and largest in Israel has plentiful reserves of tilapia. One of its names is derived from the Hebrew for “lyre" Sea of Galilee
This river arises from three springs near Mount Harmon. Its major tributaries include the Yarmouk and Jabbok rivers, and it holds the title of the world’s lowest river in elevation Jordan River
this son of Ptah is credited with the Edfu temple, the unfinished tomb of Sekhemkhet, and one complete structure in a Memphis necropolis. Imhotep
A clerk to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes; attended the Yalta Conference as advisor to FDR and served as temporary Secretary-General of the United Nations at the San Francisco Conference ; 1996 release of U.S. intelligence’s Venona Telegrams contradicted R Alger Hiss
It borders Sinaloa and Sonora on the east, Durango on the south, and Coahuila on the east. this state is the largest by area in Mexico. Chihuahua
This is the point at which a mixture of two or more elements has a lower melting point than any of its constituents. A mixture at this point will freeze coherently at a given temperature. eutectic point
Used to find a sequence of DNA within a complex mixture, it places denatured DNA fragments on an agarose gel and then separates them by electrophoresis. The fragments are then used to imprint a membrane with bands and probes for detection. Southern blot
Her writings include The Spirit of Youth and City Streets and the 1922 work, Peace and Bread in Time of War ; with Nicholas Murray Butler, she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 Jane Addams
wrote Opera Aperta ; The Name of the Rose ; Foucault’s Pendulum Umberto Eco
The Wien bridge measures it in terms of resistance and frequency, and the Schering bridge measures dissipation factor and this property ; is the reciprocal of elastance capacitance
his father-in-law was Agricola Tacitus
this Roman general served on Suetonius's staff and helped put down Boudica's revolt; served as Governor of Britannia, Aquitane, and was the head of the Legio XX Valeria Victrix (helped in invasion of Britain) ; also invaded Caledonia (Scotland) and defeat Agricola
At the request of John Reynolds at the Hampton Court Conference, forty-seven scholars worked in six groups to produce it. King James Bible
The origin of this empire lay in the battle of Kirina, in which Sumanguru Kante of the Soso Kingdom was defeated by its legendary first ruler, Sundiata Kieta. Mali
they are not massive enough to initiate helium fusion so they slowly burn hydrogen and contract for billions of years. For 10 points, name these low luminosity, main sequence stars with K or M spectral type, examples of which include Proxima Centauri and red dwarf
subtitled “The Slave to Duty The Pirates of Penzance
First climbed by A.H. MacCarthy and H.F. Lambert Mt. Logan
its president was Louis-Auguste Blanqui Paris Commune
this work traditionally credited to Luo Guanzhong tells of the Wei, Shu, and Wu houses Romance of the Three Kingdoms
captured from the Spanish in 1655 when Admiral William Penn and Robert Venables took this island Jamaica
Until recently the most distant discovered satellite from the planet, this third largest satellite of Neptune has an orbit with an eccentricity of 0.75, the greatest of any planetary satellite in the solar system. Nereid
Discovered by Voyager 2 shortly as that probe made approached Neptune, it is the second largest moon of Neptune, is the largest irregularly shaped object in the solar system, and is comparable to Phoebe in its tiny albedo Proteus
assumed command after the death of Albert Sidney Johnston at Shiloh Beauregard
This muse of epic poetry was the mother of Orpheus and served as arbiter between Persephone (per-SEHF-uh-nee) and Aphrodite in a dispute over Adonis. Calliope
The mother of Hyacinth, this muse of historical poetry is credited with introducing the Phoenician alphabet to Greece. Clio
This Titan was the goddess of memory and mother of the muses Mnemosyne
in 1775 Juan Manuel de Ayala sailed the San Carlos through it, six years after it was documented by Jose Ortega. name coined by John C. Fremont ; said to be similar to the Bosporous Golden Gate
took place two weeks after Pembrokeshire, began with king having staked out a position atop Ambion Hill after departing from Leicester. When Lord Northumberland betrayed the king, Lord Stanley and William Stanley brought their army into the battle Battle of Bosworth Field
According to legend, it was invented by the architect Callimachus who was inspired by a covered basket through which an acanthus plant had grown Corinthian Order
wrote Studies on Wine ; his namesake effect states that the cell attempts to maintain a constant ATP concentration Pasteur
speechmaker of the Olynthiacs and the Phillipics ; he was eventually exiled and killed after an accusation of embezzling from the Theoric fund ; had a speech impediment early in life ; Demosthenes
was a junior defense counsel during the corruption trial of William "Boss" Tweed ; was Secretary of War under Mckinley ; reformed West Point and Army College ; succeeded John Jay as Secretary of State under Teedy R. ; ambassador to Provisional Government Elihu Root
wrote the Origin of Table Manners Claude Levi-Strauss
Synthesized by enterochromaffin cells in both the bronchi and stomach, it is also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine, and it is degraded by monoamine oxidase type A ; Synthesized from l-tryptophan ; got its name from its discovery in serum serotonin
neurotransmitter made in the substantia nigra dopamine
Synthesized in many parasympathetic nerves by an acetyltransferase, this neurotransmitter works through either nicotinic or muscarinic receptors acetylcholine
signed Peace of Knäred ; came to power with consent of Riksdag at age 16; ruled aside Marie Eleonora ; pioneered the use of mobile artillery Gustavus II Adolphus
kings involved in this conflict include: Augustus II of Poland, Frederick IV of Norway, Charles XII of Sweden, and Peter the Great Great Northern War
painted The Cure of Folly ; The Conjurer a.k.a. Jerome von Aken Bosch
located at St. Anthony's Monastery Isenheim Altarpiece
split into two parties in 1963 : one under Nurredin Atassi and the other under Hafez al-Assad ; originated from ideas of Michel Aflaq Ba'ath Party
the Bierbaum test measures this hardness
issued formally by Secretary of Treasury Levi Woodbury ; possibly led to Panic of 1837 Specie Circular
Proposed by Singer and Nicolson in 1972, it asserts that the phospholipid bilayer is a matrix and two-dimensional solvent fluid mosaic model
wrote Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions ; wrote Dirty Hands ; wrote The Flies Jean-Paul Sartre
wrote Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness ; wrote Matter and Memory ; wrote Creative Evolution. Henri Bergson
wrote Discipline and Punishment ; wrote Madness and Civilization Paul-Michel Foucault
they were collected alongside Pleasure and Storm at Sea in The Trial of Harmony and Invention The Four Seasons
became the first Premier of the Republic of the Congo in 1960 Patrice Emergy Lumumba
This General led the coup against Lumumba’s government and ruled until 1997. He changed the name of the country to Zaire and changed his own name to a phrase meaning “The all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and inflexible will to win, will Joseph Desire Mobutu
accompanied Alexander on his campaigns in Asia. He became a chief pilot of Alexander's fleet, and when he returned home, he wrote a history of Alexander's campaigns Onesicritus
Fronted on the west by the Gulf of Mannar, this island was formerly connected to the Asian mainland by a series of limestone shoals known as Adam’s Bridge ; once known as Taprobane Sri Lanka
The overture and other operatic innovations occur before the title character beseeches Plutone with the aria “Rendetemi il mio ben.” He sees his wife returned to the afterlife a second time in this Monteverdi adaptation of an Alessandro Striggio poem. Orfeo
. Fought at Cavite’s Sangley Point, it turned on the discovery that the opposing forces were not in Subic Bay, when the American commander reported to chief-of-staff Lamberton, “Now, we have them!” The late arrival of Camara’s Flying Relief Column Battle of Manila Bay
left the flagship Reina Cristina commanded by Patricio Montojo y Pasaron in charge of fending off the American Asiatic Squadron led by the Olympia. For 10 points, Charles Gridley was ordered to “fire when ready” in May of 1898 by George Dewey in what majo Battle of Manila Bay
epoxides are cyclic compounds of these ; the Williamson synthesis produces these ; is characterized by an oxygen atom linking two hydrocarbon groups ether
was leader of SA who got purged in the Night of the Long Knives Ernst Rohm
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