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10 Pt. Numbers

Numbers and Years

(2)How many books are there in the Bible? 66
(5)How many books are in the Old Testament? 39
(7)How many books are in the New Testament? 27
(9)About how many people did God inspire to write the Bible? About 40
(10)Approximately how many years did it take to write the Bible? 1600 years
(36)When the flood came, how long did it rain? 40 days and nights
(50)How old were Abraham and Sarah when Isaac was born? Abraham 100, Sarah 90
(105)How many years did the Israelites wander in the wilderness? 40 years
(112)How old was Moses when he died? 120 years old
(117)How many times did the Israelites march around the walls of Jericho? 13 times. Once each day for 6 days and seven times on the 7th day
(136)How long did David rule as king? 40 years
(181)About how old was Jesus when He began His public ministry? About 30 years old
(182)About how long did Jesus preach and teach before His crucifixion? About 3 1/2 years
(191)During Jesus' temptation (in the wilderness) how long did He go without eating? 40 days and nights
(209)How did Jesus feed 5,000 men, plus women and children? He multiplied five loaves and two fish from a boy's lunch
(232)About how many people were saved as a result of Peter's sermon on the Day of Pentecost? About 3,000
(229)About how many people waited together in the Upper Room for the coming of the Holy Spirit? About 120
Created by: Juniorbiblequiz