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Practice Pretest/Final Exam questions here

What Internet resources allow you to subscribe to a group and obtain postings (usually on a daily basis) through electronic mail? mailing lists
An Internet Protocol address is a(n) ________. series of four numbers separated by periods
What does the acronym HTML mean? hypertext markup language
What is TCP? transmission control protocol
You can often recognize a personal website by looking for a ________ in the URL. B) ~ C) % F) Both B and C
Why do companies purchase search key words? F) Both A and C. A) To create more business. C) To get their site to the top of your results list.
Of the following four, which is the most popular standardized picture format used on the Internet? JPEG
What is the hypertext-based system for finding and accessing Internet resources? world wide web
The World Wide Web (WWW) was developed by ________. Tim Berners-Lee
What HTML tag is used to place multimedia files such as WAVE sounds and AVI or WMV movies on a web page? EMBED
The first part of a URL refers to the ________. protocol
Which of the following is NOT one of the original six top-level Internet domains? biz
What unix protocol allows you to upload and download files from the Internet? FTP
Who owns the Internet? no one
What is one of the most popular instant messenger clients available today? AOL IM
Which protocol is used to transport data through the world wide web? HTTP
What is the fundamental protocol upon which the Internet is based? IP
What are the characters called that are used in email messages to help convey emotion (i.e. icons of emotion)? A) emoticons C) smileys (smilies) E) both A and C are correct.
*APRANET was financed by ________. *Should be ARPANET Department of Defense
Which of the following is a valid internet protocol (IP) address?
To send e-mail to someone, what do you need of the following: (1)your friend must be logged in, (2) their e-mail address, (3) their country code, (4) a computer, a mail application, and an outgoing mail server. 2 and 4
The TCP/IP standards are owned by ________. no one owns the standards
Wikipedia can be a valid part of the search process if: A) students cross-reference the information they find with other sources. C) students use the vast array of cited documents at the end of each Wikipedia article. E) Both A and C
What is the purpose of truncating a URL? F) A, B, and C A) To help navigate through a website. B) To help find the home page of a website. C) To help find more information on a website.
What is the application in SeaMonkey used to develop web pages? Composer
How does RSS actually work? It allows you to subscribe to feeds from other sites through an aggregator.
What is the body of lines called appended to the end of an e-mail message which contains the senders name, address, phone, etc...? signature
What is the distributed database system called that translates computer names into numeric Internet addresses and vice-versa? The Domain Name System (DNS)
What are the code segments called that are written in Java and can be placed on a web page? applets
In what ways does knowing the owner of a website offer clues about a website's purpose? The owner may be affiliated with a group that has a specific agenda.
Created by: dbothwell