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Vocabulary List #1

abortive fruitless, unsuccessful
fractiousness tendency to be troublesome
languidly lacking force or quickness of movement
extemporizing improvising
peremptory expressive or urgency or command
oculist ophthalmologist
contiguous adjacent
proprietary characteristic of one that possesses or owns
ectoplasm substance held to produce materialization of spirit
hauteur arrogance, haughtiness
feigned pretended
levity lack of seriousness
plagiaristic ideas taken from others and passed off as one's own
impressionability sensitivity
elations feelings of exultant joy
proximity nearness
anticlimax a descent, as in a series of events, that is in disappointing contrast to a preceding rise
supercilious full of pride or scorn
compulsion that which compels
incredulously in disbelief
reciprocal done, felt, given in return
contemptuously scornfully
unobtrusively not calling attention to oneself in a displeasing way
inconsequence quality of not proceeding in a logical sequence
intimation hint
transcendent extraordinary
indeterminate indefinite, uncertain
apathetically indifferently, listlessly
incessant continuing or being repeated without stopping
strident harsh
cataracts strong floods or rushes of water
harlequin of many colors
permeate to penetrate and spread through
innuendo an indirect remark, reference, or gesture, usually implying something derogatory
prodigality quality of extreme abundance, generosity
apparition anything that appears unexpectedly
caterwauling making a shrill, screeching sound
subterfuges any plans used to hide one's true objective or evade a difficult situation
punctilious very careful about every detail of behavior or ceremony
labyrinth a maze
disconcerting upsetting, embarrassing
luxuriated grew with vigor and in great abundance
somnambulatory in a sleepwalking state
abstraction mental withdrawal; absentmindedness
denizen frequenter of a particular place
unfathomable measureless
fa├žade the front part of a building
tortuously marked as repeated twists, bends, or turns
vinous relating to wine
nonolfactory nonodorous
anteroom outer room
disembodied to divest of a body, of corporeal existence
harrowed distressed
defunct dead or extinct
distraught extremely troubled
vestige trace
swathed surrounded; enveloped
disheveled disarranged and untidy
corrugated shaped in parallel grooves and ridges
laudable praiseworthy
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