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Beowulf Characters

12 Honors

Scyld Shefing one of the first great kings of the Danes
Scyld Shefing great-grandfather of Hrothgar
Hrothgar King of the Danes at the time of Grendel’s attacks
Hrothgar he builds Herot as a tribute to his people and reign
Beow son of Scyld Shefing and a strong king in his own right
Herot (Heorot) the mead hall that Hrothgar builds
Grendel the man-monster
Grendel descendent of Cain
Beowulf thane of King Hygelac
Beowulf becomes King of the Geats
Beowulf the poem tells of his exploits over 50 years
Wulfgar faithful watchman of the Danes
Wulfgar first to greet Beowulf to the land of the Danes
Ecgtheow Beowulf’s father
Unferth thane of Hrothgar’s who taunts Beowulf
Unferth his name means “discord”
Wealhtheow Hrothgar’s queen
Heremod an ancient Danish king who went from being a good king to a ruthlessly evil king
Heremod Hrothgar uses him as an example of bad kingship for Beowulf
Hrothulf Hrothgar’s younger brother
Hrothulf Wealhtheow calls on him to protect her sons should there be a need
Grendel’s Mother Grendel's mother
Aeschere one of Hrothgar’s thanes whom Grendel’s Mother kills
Aeschere he is Hrothgar’s best friend
Hrunting a sword given to Beowulf by Unferth to use against Grendel’s Mother
Hygelac Beowulf’s uncle
Hygelac King of the Geats
Hygelac gives Beowulf half his kingdom
Freawaru the daughter of Hrothgar who is unmentioned until Beowulf tells Hygelac about her
Freawaru Beowulf believes her marriage to a Heathobard prince will do more harm than good for the Danes
The Dragon the third and last monster Beowulf must defeat
Naegling Beowulf won this sword in a fight between the Geats and the Frisians
Wiglaf Beowulf’s kinsman through Ecgtheow’s family
Wiglaf the only thane of Beowulf that stays with him during the battle with the dragon
Sigemund an ancient Germanic hero whose story is recounted after the fight with Grendel.
Sigemund known as the great dragon slayer
Hildeburh her story is recounted during the second feast for Beowulf at Herot.
Hildeburh she is an ancient Danish princess who was married into the Frisian royalty
Hildeburh her brother and her son were both killed in a war with the Frisians at Finnesburh
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