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Guilliver's Travels

Guilliver's Travels-Overview and Chapter 1: A Voyage to Lilliput

Who was the author of Gulliver's Travels? Jonathan Swift born in 1667 in Dublin, Ireland
What type of literature is Gulliver's Travels? Novel; the genre is Satire [contrast between the facts Gulliver relates and the hidden meaning he conveys; ex. saying the emperor's face resembles King George I as handsome when actually the king was unattractive]
Why was Guilliver's Travels controversial? It had graphic descriptions of bodily functions and criticized English and European society by using humor
Who was the character James Bates? young Gulliver's surgeon mentor
Who was the character Lemuel Gulliver? story's protagonist and narrator-well educated but naive & gullible, easily impressed with royalty
Who was the character Mary Gulliver [Burton]? Gulliver's wife; she disapproves of his voyages but he goes against her wishes
Who is the character Don Pedro de Mendez? Portuguese captain who takes Gulliver back to Europe after the voyage to land of Houyhnhnms; despite his kindness & generosity Don Pedro repulses Gulliver because he, like all humans, looks like the loathsome Yahoos
Who is the character Abraham Pannell? captain of The Swallow, Gulliver's first ship
Who is the character William Prichard? captain of The Antelope, the ship whose 1699 wreck washes Gulliver up on the Lilliput shore
Who is the character Richard Sympson? Gulliver's cousin who publishes Gulliver's account of his travels
Who are Lilliputians and Blefuscudians? Two races of miniature, six inch tall people who have been in a long standing war with each other over the proper way to break eggs; have jealousies and conspiracies; take advantage of Gulliver
Who is Skyresh Bolgolam? High Admiral of Lilliput, he is opposed to allowing Gulliver to roam free in Lilliput
Who is Emperor of Lilliput? Ruler of Lilliput; impresses Gulliver with power but small stature makes Gulliver laugh; he likes to execute subjects for minor infractions
Who is Flimnap? Lord High Treasurer of Lilliput; he has a jealous hatred of Gulliver because he thinks Gulliver is having an affair with his wife
Who is Reldresal? Secretary of Private Affairs of Lilliput; a friend of Gulliver who explains how thinks work in Lilliput to Gulliver
Who are the Shamecksan ["Low Heels"]? Members of Lilliputian political party that represents British Whigs
Who are Tramecksan ["High Heels"]? Members of Lilliputian political party that represents British Tories
Why does Lemuel Gulliver take to the sea on a voyage? He is a surgeon whose business failed
What happens on the 1st voyage? Gulliver becomes shipwrecked in the South Pacific; when he awakens, he is bound up with threads by tiny, six inch captors [Lilliputians] who shot him with tiny arrows
What do the Lilliputians do to Gulliver? They feed him, build him a wagon, and take him to the Emperor who finds Gulliver entertaining and asks Gulliver to help the Lilliputians defeat the enemy Blefuscudians
How does Gulliver's good standing with the Lilliputians suddenly change for the worse? Gulliver is convicted of treason for putting out a fire with his urine in the royal palace; he is condemned to be blinded by poison arrows
How does Gulliver escape? Gulliver flees to Blefuscu, finds a shipwrecked boat, repairs it, and sets sail for England
Created by: gotmo