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Business and Tech1

Vocabulary words

AutoComplete a software function that gives users the option of completing words or forms by a shorthand method on the basis of what has been typed before
Backstage View Where you manage your documents by changing permissions, opening files, saving files, and inspect documents
Badges Labels for when you click Alt
Block Style When all lines of a business letter are on the left margin
Command an instruction or signal that causes a computer to perform one of its basic functions
Connection Status Menu Allows you to see your Internet status
Dialog Box a small area on screen, in which the user is prompted to provide information or select commands.
Dialog Box Launcher A small icon in the bottom-right corner of a group, from which you can open a dialog box related to that group.
Groups More than one user
I-Beam A pointer shaped like a capital I used in graphics-based text processing applications.
Insertion Point The point where the next characters typed from the keyboard will appear on the display screen.
Key Tips The buttons you press that appear on a badge after you press Alt
Menu A list of commands or options
Mini Toolbar When a selection is highlighted, a small toolbar will appear with all the most used buttons on it
Mixed Punctuation A colon after the salutation and a comma after the closing
Non-printing Characters used to display information that is replaced by white space in the printing process
Open Punctuation When you omit the colon after salutations and the comma after the closing
Preview a facility for inspecting the appearance of a document before it is printed.
Print to produce an item by using a printer to put an item on paper
Quick Access Toolbar Where useful items appear on the top of the page for quick access
Redo To do something again
Ribbon A set of tool bars on different tabs that contains most of the commands used in that program
Save the act of storing data
Save As The manipulation of documents and data in files on a computer
Screen Tip A small message that appears when the mouse pointer hovers over something like a button or icon.
Settings A command that changes the program based on how you prefer your program to run
Shortcut Menu a record of the address of a file, website, or other data made to enable quick access.
Tabs a second or further document or page that can be opened on a spreadsheet or web browser.
Undo a feature of a computer program that allows a user to cancel or reverse the last one or more commands executed
Word Wrap a feature that automatically moves a word that is too long to fit on a line to the beginning of the next line.
Created by: MCJ13