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Graphic Design HIS.

Aldus Manutius created italic type and Bembo typeface. Also modernized the , and use of the ;
Arts and Craft Movement William Morris. Craftsmanship
Block Prints wooden stamps. Asia
Book of Kells Celtic Christian book
capitalis monumentalis Roman CAPS. TRAJAN
calligraphy Asia. Fancy letters
charles dana gibson Gibson girl. Block printing artist. scribners and hapards. idealized beauty drawings.
chromolithography Multi-colored prints
clarendon English slab-serif by robert besley
claude garamond type designer AND punchcutter! What a deal! Garamond, duh.
cuneiform wedges in some clay. earliest form of writing.
de humani corporis fabrica book. skeletons in every day life settings
diamond sutra Asian book. Sanskrit
erhard ratdolt German printer in Venice
fat faces characters gained weight
firmin didot type founder, engraver, and printer! DIDOT!
geoffroy tory champfleury. humans and typeface unite
giambattista bodoni extreme contrasts in characters.
ideographs meaning through picture
illustrated manuscripts text and decoration in a book. Asian monks hand made these.
invention of paper CHINA
invention of the alphabet Greeks cleaned the phenetion alph and then the roman empire added characters (all caps). lowercase came in medeival times
invention of writing mesopotamia people with their cuneiform
john baskerville baskerville. typeface would be used in the DOI. Folio bible
joseph niepce first photo
kelmscott press est by william morriss
louis prang christmas card father. lithographer and printer
modern type skinny hairlines and thick verticals
nuremberg chronicles illustrated bible and history book
ottmar mergenthaler linotype machine
parchment animal hide used to write on before paper
pictographs cave paintings
relief printing like a stamp
romain du roi royal type commissioned by the king
rosetta stone egyptian, demotic, greek. 3 different scripts on a rock
sans serif no serifs.
slab serif slabby serifs. all square and what not.
steps in creation of typographic printing
textura blackletter also called gothic
the four horseman of the apocalypse biblical with diff colored horses
thomas nast caraciturist. santa
transitional roman bridges gap between oldstyle and modern
venetian or old style roman
wet plate collodiom process
william caslon
william morris Lead arts and crafts movement. designer, author, etc.
wood type poster wooden types
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