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vocabulary unit 3


aburrido bored
afectuoso afficiante
agradable agreeable
alegre to be happy
amable amiable;kind
amistoso friendly
antipático unfriendly
aventurero adventorus
barato cheap
bilingÜe bilingual
canoso gray haired
capa cape/layer
caro expensive
castaño brown
celoso jealous
ciego blind
codicioso greedy
dèbil weak
delgado thin
desagradable desagreeable
disciplinado discipline
divertido fun
educado educated
egoísta ego tistical
erudito scholar
estudioso studious
feliz happy
feo ugly
fiel faithful
flaco thin
fuerte strong
gemelo twin
gregario gregarious
grueso thick
asco disgust
impaciente impatient
impulsivo impulsive
infantil infantile
ingenuo ingenious
laxo laxed
lindo nice
listo ready
mentiroso liar
mimado spoiled
moreno brown
odioso hateful
organizado organized
orgulloso proud
peligroso dangerous
pelirrojo red haired
perezoso lazy
pesimista pesimistic
pobre poor
práctico practice
realista realistic
rebelde rebellous
resentido resentful
rico rich, delicous
rizado curly
rubio blonde
sabio wise
sano healthy
seguro safe
serio serious
simpático nice
sincero sincere
solitario solitarious
sordo deaf
tacaño stingy
talentoso talented
terco stubborn
tierno tender
tonto silly
torpe clumsy
trabajador hard worker
travieso naughty
triste sad
valiente valiant, brave
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