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COP4610 Mid Term

Contains question that will be on the exam

A clustered system ________. gathers together multiple CPUs to accomplish computational work
A ___ can be used to prevent a user program from never returning control to the operating system. timer
In What way is an operating system like a government? It creates an environment within which other programs can do useful work.
What is not an open source operating system? Windows XP
Two important design issues for cache memory are ____. size and replacement policy
The most common secondary device is _____. magnetic disk
Virtually all modern operating systems provide support for SMP. True
A system call is triggered by hardware. False
UNIX does not allow users to escalate privileges to gain extra permissions for a restricted activity. False
Interrupts may be triggered by either hardware of software. True
A ___ provides a file-system interface which allows clients to create and modify files. file-server system
What would lead you to believe that a given system is an SMP-type system? Each processor performs all tasks within the operating system.
A ___ is a custom build of the Linux operating system. distribution
The operating system kernel consists of all system and application programs in a computer. False
Embedded computer typically run on a ___ operating system. real-time
Flash memory is slower than DRAM but needs no power to retain its contents. True
Processors for most handheld devices run at a fraction of the speed of a processor in a PC. True
____ operating systems are designed primarily to maximize resource utilization. Mainframe
The statement about open source operating systems that is true. Source code is freely available
A dual-core system requires each core has its own cache memory. False
Bluetooth and 802.11 devices use wireless technology to communicate over several feet, in essence creating a ______. small area network
A process control block____. includes information on the process's state
When a child process is created, which of the following is a possibility in terms of the execution or address space of the child process? The child process runs concurrently with the parent, the child process has a new program loaded into it, the child is a duplicate of the parent.
A process may transition to the Ready state by which of the following actions?
This list of processes waiting for a particular I/O device is called a(n)____.
A _____ saves the state of the currently running process and restores the state of the next process to run. Context switch
Local Procedure Calls in Windows XP are similar to Remote Procedure Calls. True
The exec() system call creates a new process. False
For a single-processor system, there will never be more than one process in the Running state. True
Sockets are considered a high-level communications scheme. False
The __ refers to the number of processes in memory. degree of multiprogramming
What is true in a Mach operating system? All messages have the same priority
Imagine that a host with IP address wishes to download a file from the web server at IP address What is a valid socket pair for a connection between this pair of hosts. and 202.28.123:80
When communicating with sockets, a client process initiates a request for a connection and is assigned a port by the host computer. What number would be a valid port assignment for the host computer? 1625
What is a true statement concerning memory? Shared memory is typically faster than message passing.
Shared memory is a more appropriate IPC mechanism than message passing for distributed systems. False
The difference between a program and a process is that a program is an active entity while a process is a passive entity. False
Named pipes continue to exist in the system after the creating process has terminated. True
The ___ of a process contains temporary data such as function parameters, return addresses, and local variables. Stack
A(n)_______ allows several unrelated processes to use the pipe for communication. Named Pipe
A socket is identified by an IP address concatenated with a port number. True
Local Procedure Calls in Window XP are similar to Remote Procedure Calls. True
The Mach operating system treats system calls with message passing. True
In a(n) ____ temporary queue, the sender must always block until the recipient receives the message.
Child processes inherit UNIX ordinary pipes from their parent process because: A pipe is treated as a file descriptor and child processes inherit open file descriptors from their parents.
Ordinary pipes in Windows require a parent-child relationship between the communicating processes. True
A blocking send() and blocking receive() is known as a(n)______.
Using a section object to pass messages over a connection port avoids data copying. True
What is true about pipes? Reading and writing to ordinary pipes on both UNIX and Windows systems can be performed like ordinary file I/O/
A message-passing model is _____. easier to implement than a shared memory for intercomputer communication
To the SYSGEN program of an operating system, the least useful piece of information is ____. what applications to install
_____ allows operating system services to be loaded dynamically. Modules
In a virtual machine, each program believes that it has ______. Its own memory
The major difficulty in designing a layered operating system approach is _____. appropriately defining the various layers
____ is/are not a technique for passing parameters from an application to a system call. Cache memory
Application programmers typically use an API rather than directory invoking system calls. True
KDE and GNOME desktops are available under open-source licenses. True
System calls can be run in either user mode or kernel mode. False
In general, Windows system calls have longer, more descriptive names and UNIX system calls use shorter, less descriptive names True
A boot block _____. typically only knows the location and length of the rest of the bootstrap program.
Policy ____. dtermines what will be done
Microkernels use ______ for communication. message passing
If a program terminates abnormally, a dump of memory may be examined by a ___ to determine the cause of the problem. debugger
Many operating system merge I/O devices and files into a combined file because of the similarity of system calls for each. True
Some level of hardware support is required to provide virtualization. True
____ is not an example of a benefit of virtual machines. Uses less physical memory than an actual operating system.
A microkernel is a kernel ____. that is stripped of all nonessential components
A program written for the .NET Framework need not worry about the specifics of the hardware or the operating system on which it will run. True
__ provides(s) an interface to the services provided by an operating system. System calls
The virtual-machine[VM] concept is designed to insulate various system resources from processing running on the VM. True
__ is a popular commercial application that abstracts Intel 80XXx86 hardware onto isplated virtual machines.
____ is not one of the major categories of system calls.
__tricks an application by having it think it is only process on the system.
An intitial bootstrap program is in the form of random-access memory(RAM) False
A ___ is an example of a system program.
The close() system call in UNIX is used to close a file. What is the equivalent system call in Windows: CloseHandle()
In multithreaded programs, the kernel informs an application about certain events using a procedure known as a(n)_____.
The _____ model multiplexes many user-level threads to a smaller or equal number of kernel threads. many-to-many
The _____ model maps many user-level threads to one kernel thread. many-to-one
Thread-specific data is data that ____. is copied and not shared with the parent process.
____ is not considered a challenge when designing applications for multicore systems. Ensuring there is a sufficient number of cores
____ is a thread library for Solaris that maps many user-level threads to one kernel thread. Green Threads
The single benefit of a thread pool is to control the number of threads. False
Linux distinguishes between processes and threads False
Deferred cancellation is preferred over asynchronous cancellations True
A thread is composed of a thread ID, program counter, register set, and heap. False
In Pthreads, a parent uses the pthread_join() function to wait for its child thread to complete. What is the equivalent function in Win32? WaitForSingleObject()
Cancellation points are associated with ____ cancellation.
A __ provides an API for creating and managing threads. thread library
A traditional (or heavyweight) process has a single thread of control. True
Each thread has its own register set and stack. True
The __ multithreading model multiplexes many user-level threads to a smaller or equal number of kernel threads. many-to-many model
What would be an acceptable signal handling scheme for a multithreaded program? Deliver the signal to the thread to which the signal applies, deliver the signal to every thread in the process, deliver the signal to only certain threads in the process.
What is a false statement regarding start?
It is possible to create a thread library without any kernel-level support. True
LWP is _____. placed between user and kernel threads
A __ uses an existing thread rather than creating a new one to complete a task. thread pool
Thread-specific data is that ___. is copied and not shared with the parent process.
___ is a thread library for Solaris that maps many user-level threads to one kernel thread. Green threads
Virtually all contemporary operating systems support kernel threads. True
In Java, data shared between threads is simply declared globally. False
Pthreads refers to __. a specification for thread behavior
The __ model allows a user-level thread to be bound to one kernel thread. two-level
windows XP uses the ____.
What would be acceptable statement regarding threads? Sharing is automatically provided in Java threads.
____ involves the decision of which kernel thread to schedule onto which CPU. System-contention scope
With _____ a thread executes on a processor until a long-latency event (i.e a memory stall) occurs. coarse-grained multithreading
The ___ scheduling algorithm is designed especially for time-sharing systems. RR
In Little's formula n=xW, what does W represent? average waiting time in the queue
A significat problem with priority scheduling algorithms is ___.
In Solaris, what is the time quantum (in milliseconds) of an interactive thread with priority 35?
Virtualization does not allow a single-CPU system to appear as a multiporcessor system. False
A Solaris interactive thread with a time quantum of 80 has a higher priority than an interactive thread with a time quantum of 120. True
A Solaris interactive thread with priority 15 has a higher relative priority than an interactive thread with priority 20. False
In preemptive scheduling, the sections of code affected by interrupts must be guarded from simultaneous. True
What is the numeric priority of a Windows XP thread in the BELOW_NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS with NORMAL relative priority? 6
What is the numeric priority of a Window XP Thread in the HIGH_PRIORITY_CLASS with ABOVE_NORMAL relative priority? 14
What is true of cooperative scheduling? A process keeps the CPU until it releases the CPU either by terminating or by switching to the waiting state.
What is the numeric priority of a Window XP thread in the NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS with HIGHEST relative priority? 10
The most complex scheduling algorithm is the multilevel feedback-queue algorithm True
In RR scheduling, the time quantum should be small with respect to the context-switch time. False
In Solaris, if an interactive thread with priority 25 is waiting for I/O, what is it priority recalculated to when it is eligible to run again? 52
IN Solaris, if an interactive thread with priority 15 uses its entire time quantum, what is its priority recalculated to ? 5
System using a one-to-one model(such as Window XP, Solaris 9, and Linux) schedule threads using process-contention scope(PCS) False
Round-robin(RR) scheduling degenerates to first-come-first-served(FCFS) scheduling if the time quantum is too long. True
In Solaris, what is the time quantum (in Milliseconds) of an interactive thread with priority 35? 80
The default scheduling class for a process is Solaris is ___. time sharing
Solaris, Windows XP, and Linux assign higher-priority threads/tasks longer time quantums and lower-priority task shorter time quantums. False
Load balancing is typically only necessary on systems with a common run queue. False
A__ type presents a set of programmer-defined operations that are provided mutual exclusion within it. monitor
____ can be used to prevent busy waiting when implementing a semaphore. waiting queues
How many philosophers may eat simultaneously in the Dining Philosophers problem with 5 philosophers? 2
A transaction ___. performs a single logical function
A spinlock ___. does not require a context switch when a process must wait on a lock
Assume an adaptive mutex is used for accessing shared data on a Solaris system with multiprocessing capabilities. What is not a true statement.
A deadlock-free solution eliminates the possiblity of starvation. False
Every object in Java has associated with it a single lock. True
Mutex locks and counting semaphores are essentially the same thing. False
A thread will immediately acquire dispatcher lock that is the signaled state. True
What is not true about semaphore.
In Peterson's solution, the __variable indicates if a process is ready to enter its critical section. flag[i]
A race condition ___ . results when several threads try to access and modify the same data concurrently
The value of a counting semaphore can range only between 0 and 1. False
Monitors are a theoretical concept and are not practiced in modern programming languages. False
Windows XP, when access a global variable on a uniprocessor system ___. masks interrupts for all interrupt handlers that may also access the variable
A(n)___ refers to where a process is accessing/updating shared data.
When using semaphores, a process invokes the wait() operation before accessing its critical section, followed by the signal() operation upon completion of its critical section. Consider reversing the order of these two operations first calling signal(),
then calling wait(). What would be a possible outcome of this?
A solution to the critical section problem does not have to satisfy which of the following requirements? Atomicity
The local variables of a monitor can be accessed by only the local procedures. True
A semaphore ____. is essentially an integer variable
____ is not a technique for handling critical sections in operating systems on modern architctures Peterson's solution
An instruction that executes atomically ____. executes as a single, uninterruptible unit
Race conditions are prevented by requiring that critical regions be protected by locks. True
The first readers-writers problem____. requires that no reader will be kept waiting unless a writer has already obtain permission to use the shared database.
A schedule in which each transaction is executed atomically is called a(n) ___. serial schedule
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