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Camera & Video Systems

Crane or Jib A long arm or boom which can move a camera above a scene for overhead shots.
Dolly A wheeled camera platform used to make smooth moving shots, sometimes used with tracks.
Fluid Head A tripod head that consists of two metal plates separated by a layer of fluid making movement very smooth.
Friction Head A tripod head that uses a tightening screw or lever to make adjustments that are held using friction.
Glidecam or Steadycam A camera mounting device that attaches to a harness worn by the operator to stabilize the image while walking.
Pedestal A heavy camera support that, like a tripod can smoothly move straight up and down typically used in a TV studio.
Pre-focus Three step process: 1) Zoom in on the furthest object on the set that must be in focus. 2) Focus the camera on that object. 3) Zoom the lens back out.
Tripod A three-legged stand that supports a camera.
Zebra stripes diagonal lines in the viewfinder of video cameras which give an indication of over-exposed areas of the video image.
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