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Random notes

quizbowl notes

born Emmanuel Radnitzky; attended Ferrer School ; friend of Duchamp and furthered Dadaism ; had love affair with Lee Miller ; did Self-Portrait ; "The Gift" ; invented solarization; settled in Montparnasse Man Ray
1st submarine to destroy a ship (U.S.S. Housatonic) H.L. Hunley
founded electrolytic chemistry; won Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1903 ; believed in panspermia (spores carry life across universe); formulated a greenhouse [effect] law; proposed a universal language; worked with van't Hoff, Ostwald, and Boltzmann Svante Arrhenius
wrote the Chocolate War Robert Cormier
only book of Bible in question and answer format Malachi
Sixtus V and Innocent VIII appointed him Tomas de Torqumada
written by Theopolis Acts
composed Third Piano Concerto Rachmaninoff
tutored by Roger Ascham Elizabeth I
this Russian composer died the same day as Stalin Prokofiev
founded by Robert Welch John Birch Society
"A Boy Named Sue" Shel Silverstein
painted Death of the Virgin ; Entombment ; David with the Head of Goliath Caravaggio
wrote Ecologues Virgil
only man not to cross the line during the Battle of Alamo Lewis Rose
his massacre started he Second Seminole War Francis Dade
November 5th Guy Fawkes Day
a.k.a. Tefani Makonnen Halie Selassie
Created by: krazydragon