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Religion chapter 4

the 12 apostles, vocabulary, ect.

How many volumes are in the saint John's bible? 7
when was the last handwritten bible before the saint john's bible? 1509 (500) years ago
type of paper in the saint johns bible vellum
ink in saint john's bible candlesmoke
writing utensil in the saint johns bible quill
who is jesus? The chist, son of God, our savior. Truly god and truly man
incarnation the mystery of becoming man
what does the paschal mystery include? suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension of jesus
faith a gift from god to believe and trust when we don't understand
scripture the word of God in the bible, written testimy of faith of the early church
tradition the revelation of God through beleifs handed down by the church
how does god reveal himself? through scripture and tradition
the gospel that was written for persecuted christians mark
the gospel that was written for jewish converts matthew
the gospel written for gentiles luke
the gospel written for Christians defending their faith john
characteristics of the gospel of Mark? short-fast moving
characteristics of the gospel of Matthew? Quotations from Hebrew scriptures-5 sermons
characteristics of the gospel of Luke Infancy stories warm human portraits
characteristics of the gospel of John? Poetic symbols reflective discourses.
gospel the good news that Jesus' life, death and Resurrection have freed us from sin and death
Jesus lived in... Palestine, Present day Israel
the 8 infancy narratives Joseph's dream, visit of the maji, Flight to Egypt, Finding Jesus in the temple, the annunciation, the visitation, birth of Jesus, the presentation
Created by: a-dawg22