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American plays

Stack #145637

Our Town * Thorton Wilder* * 3 acts; daily life, love, death
Long day's Journy into the night * Eugene O'Neil* * published after his death
Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe * Edward Albee* bickering over flawed marriages
Street Car named desire * Tennessee Williams* 2 visions of declining south* Marlon Brando
Raisin in the sun * Lorraine Hansberry* First black play in broadway.* tuned down most racial stereotyping/
The Crucible * Arthur Miller* The Salem WItch trials
Death of a salesman * Arthur Miller* Values of success
Morning becomes Electra * Eugene O'Neil* Trilogy
The Glass Menagirie * Tennesee Williams* Refuges reality from glass animals.
The ice man Cometh * Eugene o'neil* iceman= death.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof * Tennesee Williams* winning estate from Big Daddy.
Little Foxes * Lillie Hellman* capitalism destroys south
Created by: plainsilly