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Excel Shortcuts

TaskShortcut Keys
Autofit a column to the contents in Excel Double-click between column headings
Select all records in an Excel spreadsheet Click (global) button in upper left corner of spreadsheet
Autofit all columns in an Excel spreadsheet Click global button and then double-click between any two columns
Switch to Edit mode in Excel F2
Move text to the next line (not a new row) in a cell in Excel (creates a line break) Shift + Enter
Insert/delete one row above in Excel Right-click row selector button, Insert (or Delete)
Insert/delete a column in Excel Right-click column selector button, Insert (or Delete)
Insert/delete multiple rows/columns in Excel Drag over row/column selector buttons, right-click, Insert/Delete
Format only five adjacent cells in Excel Select all cells, right-click, Format Cells
Format an entire row (or column) in Excel Right-click row (or column) selector button, Format Cells
Copy a cell's contents in Excel to several other cells Use the fill handle in lower right-hand corner of cell
Create a series of items (e.g., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) Use fill handle
Select nonsequential cells, rows, or columns to apply formatting to selection Ctrl + click each one
Add today's date (not updatable) in a cell in Excel =TODAY()
Sum a column of numbers in Excel Click below last number and then double-click Sum button
Toggles among relative, mixed, and absolute addressing in Excel F4
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