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Root Words pg. 15-16

by Marlie Stineman

in- in, into, not
a- away, from, not, without
ciner ash
combus burn up
coll(a) glue, gelatinous
gen cause, birth, produce, race
man(o) gas
meter measure
sphygm(o)/sphyx pulse
-ary that which, someone or something that belongs to, of, related to, one who
-(t)ible able to be
-(at)or one who, that which, condition, state, activity
-tion state, quality, act
-age state, quality, act
-(i)ation an action or process
-ic like, related to
-oid resembling
-ous having the quality of
incombustible not capable of being burned
incinerator a furnace for burning waste under controlled conditions
combustion act or process of burning
cinerary used for ashes
combustible able to burn easily
asphyxiation act of causing suffocation
collage artistic compesition made of various material all glued on a surface
sphygmic of the circulatory pulse
colloid a gelatinous substance
sphygmomanometer instrument that measures blood pressure
collagenous forming collagen
Created by: MarlieJenna