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1+1+33= 35
2+2+11+5= 20
5*5= 25
(10+5)*0 0
6*5 30
4+4+4+0+4+0+3+4= 23
Question Answer
Who is on the 20 dollar bill? Andrew Jackson
Who wrote the phantom of the opera? Andrew Loydd Webber
The Statue of liberty is in what city? New york city
Jim has two dollars. he spent $1.04. How much does he have now? 0.86
Who was the president in 1993? William Clinton
who was the youngest president? Theadore Roosevelt
The Capitol of Maryland is? Annapolis
you are on what website right now? studystack.com
Shooting the bow without an arrow in archery is called... Dry fireing
Mt.Vernon is in what state? Virginia
Gorge Washington passed his slaves onto who? his wife.
Pochohantas married who? John Rolf
An acoustic guitar has how many strings? 6
Which Coin in the us features the montichello? the nickel
which coin features luis and clarks native american guide? the 1 dollar coin
What is the Montichello? A Building in Visginia owned by a president
Who ived in the Monticheelo? Thomas Jefferson
A large city in maryland Baltimore
"good morning baltimore" Hairspray
The plural form of moose moose
incorrect plural of moose meese
plural form of goose geese
Who painted the mona lisa? Leanardo DaVinchi
A Lamberguini is what? a car
What is the time difference betwwen maryland and new york? none. it is the same time zone.
what is the time difference between Boltimore,MD and Nashville, TN? 1 hour
Created by: EraCa