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filing terminology

filing definitions

filing an organized way to store written communication, such as reports, letters, memorandums, order forms, invoices, and other such information so that it is available for efficient retrieval or reference
records management cycle 1.Creation of the document 2.Distribution of the document 3.Storage of the document for retrieval purposes 4.Removal and disposal of the document
indexing determining the order and format of the units in a name
unit each part of a name
vertical filing filing papers on edge-papers are filed in a folder on their left edge (or side)
case whether a letter is capitalized or not capitalized
caption the name or heading under which a record is filed (in correspondence filing)
primary guide a piece of heavy cardboard that is used to separate the major alphabetic sections of a file
guide tab or tab a piece of cardboard, plastic, or metal attached to the top of a guide
individual file folder a container for records about one correspondent or subject
miscellaneous folder folder that holds records that are from a variety of infrequent correspondents
chronological order filing by date-most recent item placed in front of file folder
retrieval the process of locating and removing a record or file from storage
purge dispose or delete
charge-out a control procedure to establish the current location of a record when it is not in the records center or central file
color coding using color as an identifying aid in a filing system to divide the alphabetic sections in the storage system
cross reference a note that directs the filer to another place where an item might be filed
tickler file a date-sequenced file
nothing before something rule File nothing before something
inspecting checking to see that the correspondence is released or approved for filing.
coding process of identifying on correspondence the caption under which the correspondence will be filed-highlighting or underlining the caption
sorting after coding, arranging items in alphabetic order according to highlighted caption
storing the last step is to place each item in its proper folder in the file
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