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A+ Hardware MM6

A+ Hardware

How many Pins does an S-Video Port have? S-Video 4-pins or 7pins
How many pins does a VGA port have? VGA – 15 Pins (DB-15)
What is the difference between DVI-D, DVI-A, and DVI-I? DVI-D – Digital Only DVI-A – Analog Only DVI-I – Integrated Digital and Analog
Serial Ports have how many pins? Serial Port - 9-pins (DB9)
How many pins are in a Parallel Port? Parallel Port – 25-pins
How many pins does a PS/2 port have? PS/2 – 6 pins
What are some of the common Voltages rates from PSU? +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V
What is the Floppy Drive Power Cable called? Berg Power Connector. Similar to a Molex but smaller and has a plastic snap
What does a rectifier do? What does a Transformer do? Where are these units located? Rectifier - Converts AC to DC Transformer – Changes ratio of Voltage to Current Power Supply Unit
What is the difference between Passive and Active Cooling systems? Passive Cooling system refers to Heat Sinks and Active Cooling System refers to Fans and Liquid cooling
How much higher should a power supply be rated than the expected need? About 30% more than is needed. Running the PSU at less than peak performance will make the PSU last longer
What does OLED stand for? What are they used for? Organic Light Emitting Diodes Mobile and Digital Camera screens
What are the measurements for common form factors? ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX ATX – 12” X 9.6” ATX Micro – 9.6” X 9.6” Mini ITX – 6.7” X 6.7”
What are Nano ITX and Pico ITX MoBo used for? Computing Appliances and smaller Media centers
Name some of the Intel Sockets LGA 1155 and 1156 for Core i5 and i7 LGA 1366(Socket B) and 2011 for Core i7 LGA 771 or Socket J for Core 2 Extreme
Name some of the AMD Sockets Socket 940 for the Athlon Socket 754 Athlon and Sempron FM2 and FM1 AM3 and AM2 Socket F
What are other names for the North Bridge? What does the South Bridge contain? Front Side Bus, System Bus and Host Bus I/O Controller Hub
What is the difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous DSL? ADSL always has faster Download speed than Upload Speed SDSL has the same Upload and Download Speed
Created by: Marcmo6