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Fiber optic 2.3

Which connectors usually require polishing as a part of the assembly process? SC and ST
Which cable offers the best protection against EMI? Single mode fiber optic
What statement is true concerning single mode fiber optic network cabling? The central core is smaller than that of multimode fiber optic cabling
What are two advantages of using fiber optic cabling for a network, as opposed to other types of cabling? Immunity to electromagnetic interference Greater cable distances without a repeater
What are two characteristics of an LC fiber optic connector? They use use a housing an latch system similar to an RJ-45 UTP connector They are half the size of standard connectors
Which connector is used with fiber optic cables and connects using a twisting motion? ST
What are two characteristics of an MT-RJ fiber optic connector? They can be used with multimode fiber optic cables They use metal guide pins to insure accurate alignment
Which connectors are used with fiber optic cables and include both cables in a single connector? LC and MT-RJ
Which form of optical fiber would usually be used to connect two buildings across campus from each other, which are several kilometers apart? Single mode
Created by: misplacedfan