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The OSI and TCP/IP Model 1.5

Which OSI model layer is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery? Transport
The data link layer of the OSI model is compromised of two sub-layers. What are they? MAC(Media Access Control)-translate generic network requests into device specific terms LLC(Logical Link Control)-Provides the operating system link to the device driver.
In the OSI model, which functions are performed at the application layer? Enabling communication between network clients and services Integration of network functionality into the host operating system.
What are included as part of the data link layer specifications? Controlling how messages are propagated though the network Identifying physical network devices.
What are the functions of the MAC sub-layer? Letting devices on the network have access to the LAN. Defining a unique hardware address for each device on the network.
What task is associated with the session layer? Connection establishment
Which protocol includes extensive error checking to ensure that a transmission is sent and received without mistakes? TCP(Transmission Control Protocol)
In the OSI model,what functions are performed at the presentation layer? Specify data format Encrypt and compress data
You want to exchange video files through a TCP/IP network. Which TCP/IP protocol would you implement that provides this capability? TCP(Transmission Control Protocol)
In the OSI model, what is the primary function of the network layer? Routes messages between networks
What is the basic purpose of the OSI physical layer? Coordinates rules for transmitting bits.
The UDP transport protocol provides what features? Low overhead Connectionless datagram services
What functions are performed by the OSI transport layer? Reliable message delivery End-to-end flow control Data segmentation and reassembly
What functions are performed at the OSI physical layer? Movement of data across network cables
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