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Network Protocols 1.3

A sales team needs to access e-mail from various locations and from different computers. They do not want to worry about transferring e-mail messages or files back and forth between computers. Which e-mail protocol was designed for this purpose? IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol)Messages remain on the remote mail server and are not downloaded to the clients system.
You have a large TCP/IP network and want to keep hosts' real time clock synchronized. What protocol should you use? NTP(Network Time Protocol)
Which protocol is used on the World Wide Web to transmit web pages to web browsers? HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
What protocol sends e-mail to a mail server? SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
What protocol stores e-mail on the server and gives users a choice to download mail or keep it on the server? IMAP4(Internet Message Access Protocol)
What protocol allows hosts to exchange messages to indicate messages to indicate problems with packet delivery? ICMP(Internet Control Message Protocol)
Which TCP/IP protocol do e-mail clients use to download messages from a remote mail server? POP3(Post Office Protocol 3)
You must integrate two e-mail systems so that messages can be exchanged between the two e-mail servers. However, each network uses an e-mail package from a different vendor. Which TCP/IP protocol will ensure messages to be exchanged between systems? SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
You want to allow users to download files from a server running TCP/IP protocol. You want to require users authentication to gain access to specific directories on the server. Which TCP/IP protocol should you use? FTP(File Transfer Protocol)
You want to transfer files from a UNIX server to a Windows 2000 computer. Which utilities could you use to do this? FTP(File Transfer Protocol) and TFTP(Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
Created by: misplacedfan