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ATC Handbook Ch 1

Air Traffic Control Handbook Chapter 1

What is the role of the FAA? Ensure air safety and improve and coordinate the effectiveness of the NAS.
NAS National Airspace System
What is the purpose of an air traffic controller? To be a point of contact between users of the aviation system and their ultimate safe and expeditious journey through the NAS.
When was the ATC system formed? 1935
AF Airway Facilities
The AF is involved in ___. Maintenance, support, and administrative sections. Directly responsible for maintenance of the navigational aids, radar, computer, and communication systems throughout the country. Not ATC's, but experts in their fields.
The three ATC facilities are ___, ___, and ___. Terminal, Enroute Center, and Flight Services Station Specialist.
Terminals Towers. Terminal controllers control air traffic at airports and give pilots taxiing and takeoff instructions, air traffic clearances, and advice based on their own observations from the NWS and ARTCC.
NWS National Weather Service
ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Centers
Enroute Center AKA ARTCC. Give aircraft instructions, air traffic clearances, and advice on flight conditions while enroute between airports.
Flight Service Stations were contracted out to ____ in 2005. Lockheed-Martin
Flight Service Station Provide preflight, in-flight, and emergency assistance to all pilots on request. Provide information about weather conditions for specific flights, and provide general assistance to aircraft.
AFSS Automated flight service stations
How many ARTC's are located throughout the country? 21
How many employees are employed at each center? 300-700
Describe the work system for an enroute controller. They work in teams, each team responsible for a section of the center's airspace. (eg., one responsible for all planes 30-100 miles north of an airport between altitude 6000-15000 feet)
Who is the radar controller? Senior team member
What does the radar controller do? Warn pilots about nearby planes, weather conditions, and other potential hazards.
Although having air traffic controllers, what facility is NOT actively managing air traffic? Flight service stations
Where is the FAA Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center located? Herndon, Virginia
What is the FAA Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center? They oversee the entire system, and look for situations that will create bottlenecks or other problems in the system.
Controllers work on what kind of scheduling system? Rotation system
Where does ATC research take place? Atlantic City, NJ
Where is the ATC academy? Oklahoma City, OK
CTI Collegiate Training Initiative
What is the Collegiate Training Initiative? Two- and four-year programs that teach the basics of air traffic control
Job performance examinations are preformed ___ per year. Twice
What is the lowest level of seniority assigned to do at terminals? Supplying pilots with basic flight data and airport information.
What is the initial salary for the 15-week training program? $15,000 plus additional expense benefits.
Created by: AlyRuth