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C-40A Specific AD


What are the safety precautions around engines? Prior to engine start search for FOD around ingestion area, do not use entry door when engine is running, stay out of inlet and exhaust area, ensure beacon light is on when engines are on.
What five parts does the accessory drive consist of? a. Inlet gear box (IGB) b. Radial drive shaft (RDS) c. Transfer gear box (TGB) d. Horizontal drive shaft (HDS) e. Accessory gear box (AGB)
What type of engine is on the C-40A? CFM 56-7B
How much thrust does the CFM 56-7B engine put out? 24,000 lbs
What are the sections of the engine? suck, squeeze, bang, blow fan, high pressure compressor, combustion section, high and low pressure turbine, accessory drive
How many fuel tanks are there on the C-40A? three
Where are the vent tanks located? Outboard of each wing.
What is the purpose of the fuel vent system? It keeps the pressure of the fuel tanks near ambient pressure.
How many center tank boost pumps are there? Where is location and access? two, located on the rear spar, access through the wheel wells
Where are the forward and aft boost pumps located and how do you access them? fwd boost pumps: loacted on front spar, access through extended Krueger Flaps; aft boost pumps: located on rear spar, access through the wheel wells
Where is the APU fuel boost pump located? housing assembly: inside fuel tank; pump assembly: attaches to outside of fuel tank on left wing rear spar
Where is the re-fuel/de-fuel station located? fwd inboard, under the stbd wing
What are the fuel types that can be used on a C-40A? JET A, JP5 and JP8. DO NOT use wide cut fuels such as JET B or JP4!
What component monitors the APU and where is it located? The ECU, located in the aft cargo compartment.
WHat components does the APU indicating system contain of? EGT gauge Data Memory Module (DMM) Control Display Unit (CDU)
Created by: snupf1
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