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Artistic Creations

Fallingwater (Frank Lloyd) Wright
School of Athens Raphael
American Gothic (Grant) Wood
David Donatello
The Arnolfini Wedding (Jan van) Eyck
The Death of Marat David
Guggenheim Museum (Frank Lloyd)Wright
The Birth of Venus Botticelli
Saint Paul's Cathedral (Sir Christopher)Wren
Mount Rushmore Borglum
Nighthawks Hopper
St. Peter's Basilica Bramante
The Persistence of Memory (Salvador)Dali
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bacon
The Thinker Rodin
The Shooting Company of Captain Franz Banning Cocq (commonly known as The Nightwatch) Rembrandt
Louvre Lescot
Mona Lisa (Leonardo)da Vinci
Statue of Liberty Bartholdi
Guernica Picasso
Taj Mahal Lahori; Shah Jahan (patron)
Ufizi Palace de' Medici (patron)
The Gates of Hell Rodin
The Third of May, 1808 Goya
Chrysler Building Van Alen
Starry Night Van Gogh
Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1: The Artist's Mother Whistler
Alhambra Al Ahmar (patron)
Eiffel Tower Eiffel
Cathedral of Florence Brunelleschi
Temple of Jerusalem Solomon (patron)
United States Capital Latrobe, Bullfinch (revisions)
Gateway Arch Saarinen
Las Meninas Velazquez
The Kiss Rodin
Liberty Leading the People Delacroix
Hanging Gardens of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar II
The Ecstacy of Saint Theresa Yamasaki
Impression: Sunrise (Claude) Monet
Luncheon on the Grass (Edouard) Manet
Last Judgement Michaelangelo
Venus of Urbino Titian
Garden of Earthly Delights Bosch
Water Lilies (Claude) Monet
Bronco Buster (Frederic) Remington
Rain, Steam, and Speed (J.M.W.) Turner
Death of Socrates & Oath of the Tennis Court (Jacques-Louis) David
Lavender Mist & Autumn Rhythm (Jackson) Pollock
White House White House(James Hoban)
Ghent Altarpiece (Jan van) Eyck
The Swing (Jean-Honore) Fragonard
Portrait of Madame X (John Singer) Sargent
Fountain (Marcel) Duchamp
Seagram Building Van der Rohe
The Luncheon of the Boating Party (Pierre-Auguste) Renoir
Broadway Boogie-Woogie (Piet) Mondrian
St. Basil's Cathedral Yakovlev ; Ivan the Terrible (patron)
Sunflowers (Vincent) Van Gogh
Apollo and Daphne Bernini
Peasant Wedding (Pieter) Bruegel the Elder
The Card Players (Paul) Cezanne
Walt Disney Concert Hall (Frank) Gehry
Notre Dame du Haut Le Corbusier
The Dance (Henri) Matisse
The Music Lesson (Jan) Vermeer
The Gross Clinic Thomas Eakins
Where do we come from? Where are we going? Gauguin
Tahitian Women on the Beach Gauguin
The Elevation of the Cross & The Massacre of the Innocents Rubens
The Bellelli Family & the Little Dancer of Fourteen Years Degas
Automat, Sunday Morning, & Nighthawks Edward Hopper
Self Portait with Necklance and Hummingbird & The Two Fridas Frida Kahlo
Broadway Boogie-Woogie Piet Mondrain
Meloancholia I & Knight, Death and the Devil Albrect Durer
Bird in Space & Endless Column Constantin Brancusi
Created by: MHSAcademicTeam