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This country fought a war against Great Britain for control of the Falkland Islands. Republica Argentina [or Argentine Republic]
name this author of Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret and Superfudge. Judy Blume
what European nation has its capital at Paris? France [or French Republic; or République Française]
Modifications of this process can use PEP carboxylase (“PEP” car-BOX-ill-ase) to fix a reactant normally fixed by RuBisCO (roo-BISS-ko) in this process’s dark reactions. photosynthesis
He composed twelve variations on a French song with identical melody to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
name these regions of the universe that include the Milky Way. galaxies [or galaxy]
identify this country whose former leaders include Nestor Kirchner (kirk-NUR) and Juan Peron. Republica Argentina [or Argentine Republic]
Nearly a decade before that, he took command of American troops in the Pacific, but lost the Philippine Islands to the Japanese in 1942. Douglas MacArthur
In November 2010, a Fox News host called it a “terrorist organization” after it published U.S. State Department diplomatic cables. WikiLeaks
identify this phenomenon in which a certain plant was engulfed in fire without being consumed. the burning bush
It equals energy divided by the square of the speed of light. mass
Organic chemistry is the study of molecules containing this element. Its allotropes include diamond and graphite. carbon
This city’s district of Haight-Ashbury was a center of hippie culture. San Francisco, California
In another work by this author, Abel Magwitch raises a fortune for the orphan Pip, who loves Estella Charles Dickens
n a detour from Fargo to Seattle, this man created the Grand Canyon. Paul Bunyan
Near the end of this novel, the narrator ends relations with Jordan Baker, and the title character is killed by George Wilson soon after trying to reignite a relationship with Daisy Buchanan. The Great Gatsby
Famous for landing at Mount Ararat in the Book of Genesis, for ten points, name this Biblical survivor of the Great Flood and namesake of a giant ark. Noah
Bordered by Kenya, Uganda, and Egypt, for ten points, name this African country with a capital at Khartoum, the site of the Darfur genocide. Sudan
n Japanese myth, Jorogumo can take the form of these creatures or of women. Spider
This author of “Billy Budd” and “Bartleby the Scrivener” is perhaps better known for a novel depicting the title white whale. Herman Melville
However, this author of “Kubla Khan” is best-known for writing a poem in which the central character, who shoots an albatross, observes that there is “Water, water everywhere...” Samuel Taylor Coleridge
One ruler with this title renamed the city Amarna after himself, in addition to forcing radical religious reforms on his people. Pharaoh
1. This poet wrote about a maiden who was killed by jealous angels and who lived "in a kingdom by the sea." Edgar Allen Poe
He wrote about a creature that sits "On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door." That poem of his begins, "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary." Edgar Allen Poe
After being ransomed from pirates, this man captured his kidnappers and crucified them. At the Battle of Alesia (ah-LEE-see-ah), this man defeated Vercingetorix (ver-sin-GEH-tor-icks) and conquered Gaul. Gaius Julius Caesar
After Pompey ordered him to disband his army, he crossed the Rubicon. Gaius Julius Caesar
This is the only element for which Schrodinger’s equation can be solved exactly. Isotopes of this element include tritium and deuterium. hydrogen
Composers from this nation include the minimalist creator of Imaginary Landscape No. 4 and Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds. Adagio for Strings is an orchestral work from this country. United States of America
A system's Lagrangian (lah-GRAN-jee-uhn) equals this quantity minus potential energy. kinetic energy
The change in this quantity for an object is equal to the net work done on the object. It equals one-half times mass times velocity squared. kinetic energy
This modern state's panhandle was crossed by the Cimarron Cutoff, a branch of the Santa Fe Trail. A city in this state is called "Broken Arrow" because it was settled by Creek people, while part of this state was known as the "Indian Territory." Oklahoma
(EE-dreese). This author of The Green Book handed over the Lockerbie bombers after being visited by Nelson Mandela. Muammar al-Gaddafi
One of this work’s title characters crashes a party in an attempt to win the love of Rosaline. Romeo and Juliet
At the end of this play, Prince Escalus pronounces peace in Verona between the two central families. Romeo and Juliet
This “Foremost of the Westerners” is linked with Serapis through the Apis bull. This son of Geb and Nut (NOOT) was cut into fourteen pieces that were scattered throughout the country by his brother. Osiris
identify this husband of Isis and the Egyptian god of the dead. Osiris
This man’s popularity plummeted following the disastrous rescue attempt of Operation Eagle Claw. He claimed that the United States faced a “crisis of confidence” in his “malaise” speech. James Earl “Jimmy” Carter
Anglican and Islamic versions of this action each include 100 steps. This action involves meditation on a chaplet, which is a set of luminous, glorious, joyful, or sorrowful mysteries praying a rosary
It ends with the Salve Regina (sal-VAY reh-JEEN-uh) prayer, which follows a multiple of five decades as depicted by the namesake instrument. praying a rosary
This project's "Original Seven" included Gordon Cooper and Deke Slayton. Project Mercury
In a video on Funny or Die, the family of Greg Pinkleton, who believes he is the title character of this series, stages an intervention. Harry Potter
These entities can be found by using the Sieve of Eratosthenes (AIR-uh-TOSS-the-neez). prime numbers
Every positive integer can be expressed as a factorization of these numbers. prime numbers
In one episode in this work, the narrator tries to convince adults that he is drawing a snake digesting an elephant, which they confuse with a hat. The Little Prince
Its title character visits seven planets, the last of which is Earth. For 10 points, name this novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry The Little Prince
The antibiotic erythromycin works by disrupting this organelle, which contains E, P, and A sites on its large subunit. ribosomes
The parts of this organelle are assembled at nucleoli (noo-klee-OH-lye), and when bound to a membrane, these create the rough ER. ribosomes
In April 2011 this country announced it was “for rent,” eight years after its Head of State, Hans Adam II, joked about selling it to Bill Gates and renaming it Microsoft. Liechtenstein
This man came to power through the coup of 18 Brumaire (broo-MAIR). His forces defeated the Prussians at Jena (YAY-nah) and the combined Russian and Austrian forces at Austerlitz. Napoleon Bonaparte [or Napoleon I]
He spent the last years of his life exiled on St. Helena, and he sold the Louisiana Territory to America Napoleon Bonaparte [or Napoleon I]
This character feels nauseous at the sight of blue oatmeal and befriends Yard Ape. She ends a book report with the line, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." Ramona Quimby
Ancient practitioners of this art form include Polykleitos (PAHL-ee-KLY-tohss), whose Doryphoros (dorr-ee-FOR-ohss) is one of the oldest Greek works that still exists. sculpture
ame this type of art exemplified by Michelangelo’s Pieta and The Thinker by Auguste Rodin. sculpture
This city is where Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man works at the Liberty Paint Company. George Selden wrote about a cricket in one of this city’s major public spaces. New York City
The Great Gatsby takes place in this city where Percy Jackson visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York City
This city is where Stuart Little races boats in Central Park. For 10 points, name this city in which the Harlem Renaissance took place. New York City
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