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Cadmus once killed this deity’s dragon and had to serve this deity for eight years, after which he married Harmonia, this deity’s daughter. Ares
This deity’s union with Aphrodite yielded Eros (AIR-ohs) and his attendants Phobos (FOE-bows) and Deimos (DAY-mows). Ares
One event in this country’s history was a series of attacks on civilians and foreigners by the Videla Regime known as the Dirty War. Republica Argentina [or Argentine Republic]
One book by this author features an adolescent girl with a Christian mother and a Jewish father who attempts a year-long independent study of people’s beliefs while trying to deal with going through puberty. Judy Blume
This nation owns the islands of Ushant and Corsica. Ethnic minorities in it include speakers of Alemannic (ah-leh-MAN-ic) German in Alsace, the Celtic-speaking (KELL-tick) Bretons, and, in the northern Pyrenees (PEER-eh-nees), the Basques (BASKS). France [or French Republic; or République Française]
The light reactions of this process occur along the thylakoid (“THIGH”-luh-koyd) membrane. photosynthesis
This composer wrote a Clarinet Concerto in A Major for Anton Stadler, and he also composed a flute and harp concerto. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Starburst types of these systems have unusually high supplies of gas, and they can combine in a process known as cannibalism galaxies [or galaxy]
He failed to complete his Requiem. His forty-first and last symphony is nicknamed Jupiter. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
His friend Wilson cares for that head wound after his return to camp, a kindness the protagonist had not shown for the “Tattered Man” and Jim Conklin after they earned the titular mark. The Red Badge of Courage
dentify this novel that follows Henry Fleming as he participates in the Civil War, a work by Stephen Crane The Red Badge of Courage
This person served as field marshal in an army he helped create following Manuel Quezon’s (man- WELL kay-ZONE’s) request. Douglas MacArthur
name this American general who accepted the surrender of Japan in 1945 and vowed, “I shall return.” Douglas MacArthur
A PowerPoint presentation released by this organization details how Bank of America plans to attack it. One portion of this organization is run by the Sunshine Press. WikiLeaks
dentify this organization whose main spokesperson, Julian Assange (AH-sange), was arrested in December 2010 WikiLeaks
This phenomenon, described in Chapter 3 of Exodus, is an emblem of the Presbyterian (PREZ- bih-“TEAR”-ee-ihn) Church. the burning bush
It equals energy divided by the square of the speed of light. On Earth, it is sometimes confused with weight, though it is measured not in pounds but in grams. mass
That story describes how this phenomenon was found by a man tending his father-in-law Jethro’s flock on Mount Horeb. While investigating it, Moses was told to deliver the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt the burning bush
identify this phenomenon in which a certain plant was engulfed in fire without being consumed. the burning bush
. The rest type of this concept is described in special relativity. Its rotational analogue is rotational inertia. mass
name this quantity that represents the amount of matter in an object mass
When this athlete was the 2004 NBA Rookie of the Year, he became the youngest person ever to win that award. LeBron Raymone James
name this former Cleveland Cavalier who televised his decision to accept a contract with the Miami Heat LeBron Raymone James
This man’s son was baptized by Olaf Tryggvason (TRIG-vah-“sun”). This Norwegian native was exiled from Iceland and Oxney for committing multiple murders in both places. Erik the Red [or Erik Thorvaldsson; prompt on Erik]
During his three years of exile, this man explored Greenland and found the first permanent colony there in 985. Erik the Red [or Erik Thorvaldsson; prompt on Erik]
Fatty acids contain long chains of hydrogen and this element. carbon
Methane consists of four hydrogens bonded to this element. carbon
name this element that makes up all living things. carbon
In this author’s final novel, the illegitimate son Pavel Smerdyakov [SMARED-yak-ov] works as a servant in his father’s house; the title characters of that work are Dmitri, Ivan, and Alyosha. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
name this Russian author of The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment. Fyodor Dostoyevsky
he determinant can only be found in square ones; and in a two by two one, the determinant can be found using the formula ad-bc. matrix
name this term for a set of numbers arranged in a rectangular box usually offset by brackets matrix
This city, home to the War Memorial Opera House, has such suburbs as Daly City. In it can be found Russian Hill and Lake Merced as well as Nob Hill. San Francisco, California
This city’s district of Haight-Ashbury was a center of hippie culture. San Francisco, California
Its namesake body of water contains Treasure Island and Angel Island; across that bay lies Oakland. San Francisco, California
name this city at the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, California
One movement with this name involved painters like Aaron Douglas and Jacob Lawrence, who were influenced by African folk art. In addition to that “Harlem” movement, another period by this name flourished in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries Renaissance
Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci were part of, for 10 points, what period of art whose name is French for “rebirth Renaissance
This author wrote about the eviction of Nell Trent and her grandfather from The Old Curiosity Shop. Charles Dickens
He also wrote about Sydney Carton sacrificing himself to save Charles Darnay in a work set in London and Paris. Charles Dickens
ame this author who wrote Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities. Charles Dickens
This man’s associates included Red Hawley, Bud Kangley, and Shot Gunderson. His wife is variously given as either Carrie McIntie or Lucette Kensack. Paul Bunyan
Babe the Big Blue Ox accompanied what giant lumberjack of American folklore? Paul Bunyan
In Gnosticism, he hides in a luminous cloud, while Mormons believe that he was the mortal form of the archangel Gabriel. Noah
One type of this piece of equipment has a flat, triangular-shaped bottom, while another common type has a round bottom. Flask
With a cumulative name meaning “jointed feet,” animals of this phylum have segmented bodies and comprise approximately 80% of all known organisms. Arthropoda
This ruler ruled with his brother Ivan V for a time, and, due to a rebellion by Sofia Alekseyevna, disbanded the protective Streltsy. Peter I
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