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Another poem by this author criticizes “The harpies of the shore” who wish to “pluck / The eagle of the sea,” and helped to prevent the dismantling of the USS (*) Constitution. Oliver Wendell Holmes
name this pop artist who depicted thirty-two Campbell's Soup Cans. Andy Warhol
Some of the crew of John Davis' ship Cecilia may have been the first to set foot on this landmass that was sighted during Fabian von Bellingshausen's [bel-leengs-“HOW”-zin] expedition. Antarctica
Scott would die on—for 10 points—what landmass whose southernmost point was first reached by Roald Amundsen? Antarctica
In the diuretic HCTZ, two atoms of this element each have a bond to nitrogen as one of their six bonds, forming a (*) thiazide [“THIGH”-uh-zyde] group. sulfur
This author of Ecce Homo [EH-chay HOH-moh] and The Birth of Tragedy created the idea of the “Overman.” Friedrich (Wilhelm) Nietzsche [KNEE-chuh]
The Five Finger Rapids are on this river, whose confluence with the Pelly River is the former site of Fort Selkirk. Yukon River
This case began after John James attempted to collect penalties that had been imposed on certain institutions “not chartered by the legislature” of his state. McCulloch v. Maryland
Dahlia Travers praises the “lofty brain” of this man, who can (*) “buttle with the best of them” when needed. (Reginald) Jeeves
One character in this novel has a dream about ritually worshiping a “stranger-god.” Another character in this novel fights with the boy Jasiu [JAH-syoo]. Death in Venice
name this man who discovered the law of electromagnetic induction. Michael Faraday
They are traditionally made of pernambuco [pur-num-BOO-koh] wood and have a piece called a (*) “frog” at one end that fixes the horsehair in place. bow
During the Civil War, this commander of Michigan's “Wolverine” cavalry was a subordinate of Philip Sheridan, whose influence shortened this man's suspension after an 1867 court-martial. George Armstrong Custer
Protests in cities like Porto Alegre [POR-toh ah-LEG-ray] and São Paulo rocked—for 10 points—what South American nation? Brazil
Disulfide bonds join these molecules' heavy and light chains; the E type produces (*) allergic responses. antibodies
Aaron Copland [“COPE”-lund] wrote a musical “portrait” of him. Abraham Lincoln
Its Paria Peninsula points towards Trinidad, and it shares the Llanos [YAH-nohss] with its western neighbor. Venezuela
Myths from this country state that humans were formed from mud by the goddess Nüwa, or originated as (*) fleas on the cosmic giant Pan Gu. China
The Justice Department stopped (*) defending it in 2011, and in U.S. v. Windsor the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 in June 2013. Defense of Marriage Act
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