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5. This instrument relies on Townsend discharges in the “avalanche zone” near the anode to magnify one interaction into an easily-detectable signal. Geiger(-Müller) counter
This country's capital is just west of the caldera Lake Ilopango [ee-loh-PAHN-go] and this country is home to the volcano Izalco [ee-ZAHL-koh] popular with tourists. El Salvador
Great White Spot. A crater spans almost one-third of the diameter of its moon Mimas, while a ring system is thought to exist around its moon (*) Rhea. Saturn
thought to exist around its moon (*) Rhea. This planet is orbited by the only moon to have a dense atmosphere, Titan. For 10 points—name this gas giant that boasts a series of prominent rings. Saturn
Another of his sons, a one-eyed robber with a bronze club, was slain by Theseus. Hephaestus
dropped into the one “of Four Rivers.” Ottorino Respighi's composition about those “of Rome” features the (*) Triton and Trevi. fountain
name this home of Tim Scott, Lindsey Graham, and Mark Sanford. South Carolina
name this Argentine-born Marxist, a revolutionary and second-in-command of Fidel Ernesto “Che” Guevara
tracker. A character in this novel is switched at birth with Wee Willie Winkie's son, whose most notable features are his strong knees as compared to the protagonist's telepathic nose. Midnight's Children
ame this novel whose namesakee group of 1001 people receives magic powers after being born at the instant of India’s independence, by Salman Rushdie. Midnight’s Children
name this hormone, carried in “pens” to treat anaphylaxis [ann-uh-fuh-LACK-sis], that is also released in the “fight-or-flight” response. epinephrine or adrenaline
19. In one poem by this author, the speaker hopes to get “a swig in Hell” from a “bhisti” [BEESS-tee] whom he regards as “a better man than I am.” Rudyard Kipling
SA paramilitaries in civilian clothes attacked storefronts with sledgehammers, but Reinhard(*)Heydrich [HI-drik] insisted on leaving non-Jewish property alone. Kristallnacht
name this effect, the shift in frequency of waves received moving sources. Doppler effect
name this physician and poet of “This is Just to Say” and “The Red Wheelbarrow.” William Carlos Williams
One poem by this author describes the “dim dreaming life” of a creature which no longer unfurls “webs of living gauze,” or “flings / On the sweet summer wind its purpled wings.” Oliver Wendell Holmes
name this poet of “The Chambered Nautilus” and “Old Ironsides.” Oliver Wendell Holmes
He culled “superstars” at his studio, consistent with his quote about everyone's (*) ”fifteen minutes of fame.” Andy Warhol
At that art studio, The Factory, he produced silkscreen prints of popular figures like his diptych [DIP-tick] of Marilyn Monroe. Andy Warhol
Later, the Nimrod Expedition landed at its (*) McMurdo Sound, violating an agreement with Robert Scott that had been made by Ernest Shackleton. Antarctica
In sodium pentothal [PEN-tuh-thaal], the sodium is bound to an atom of this element. In British anti-Lewisite, two atoms of this element scavenge toxic elements such as arsenic and mercury sulfur
name this nonmetal, once called “brimstone,” with atomic symbol S. sulfur
On this show, a character named Jan would complain about her oldest sister by (*) repeating her name three times. The Brady Bunch
Martin Heidegger [HYE-duh-gur] wrote a four-volume work on this thinker that discusses this man's concept of “the eternal recurrence of the same.” Friedrich (Wilhelm) Nietzsche [KNEE-chuh]
This man contrasted the Apollonian [ap-uh-LOH-nee-un] and the Dionysian [dye-uh-NYE-see-un] in his first work, and included a chapter entitled “Why I (*) Write Such Good Books” in another work. Friedrich (Wilhelm) Nietzsche [KNEE-chuh]
Flowing from northern British Columbia to the (*) Bering Sea in Alaska, it transported prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush. Yukon River
what is this North American river that shares its name with Canada's westernmost territory? Yukon River
In its opinion, the Supreme Court interpreted the Necessary and Proper Clause of the Constitution, and concluded that states lacked the power to (*) tax the Second Bank of the United States. McCulloch v. Maryland
Several elements in this group can be bonded to magnesium in Grignard [GRIN-yard] reagents; another member of this group was produced by bombarding bismuth with alpha particles. halogens
Every member of this group has a total of seven valence electrons. For 10 points—name this group that includes iodine. halogens
This man objects to “soft silk shirts,” purple socks, and “Old Etonian [ee-TOH-nee-in] spats.” As a member of the Junior Ganymede [GAN-ee-meed] club, this man discovers that the fascist Roderick Spode [spohd] secretly designs women's underwear. (Reginald) Jeeves
name this “gentleman's personal gentleman” who serves Bertie Wooster in works by P. G. Wodehouse [“wood”-“house”]. (Reginald) Jeeves
Control over a 330-foot-tall burial mound called Mamayev Kurgan [MAH-mah-yev KUR-gan] repeatedly changed hands during this battle that ended the Case Blue offensive. Battle of Stalingrad
A counterattack called Operation Uranus, partly led by Georgy Zhukov [ZHOO-kahf], trapped forces under Friedrich Paulus in a city on the (*) Volga River. Battle of Stalingrad
he protagonist of this novel meets several red-haired men, eats overripe strawberries, and becomes obsessed with the Polish (*) boy Tadzio as a cholera epidemic strikes the title city. Death in Venice
Gustav von Aschenbach [AH-shin-bahk] appears in—for 10 points—what novel by Thomas Mann [mahn] set in an Italian city? Death in Venice
This man is the namesake of a cup used to capture charged particles in a vacuum. Michael Faraday
Lenz's law implies the negative sign in this man's namesake law, which relates the time derivative of (*) magnetic flux to the induced voltage. Michael Faraday
This piece of equipment is to be bounced upon encountering the directive saltando [sahl-TAHN-doh], and it is flipped over when one encounters the directive col legno [kohl LAYN-yoh]. bow
Itzhak [IT-sahk] Perlman makes use of—for 10 points—what piece of musical equipment that is drawn across the strings of a violin? bow
As a 13-year-old, this character travels to the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea and helps to steal a statue of the “Bombinating Beast.” Lemony Snicket
name this character created by Daniel Handler, who describes the woes of the Baudelaire [boh-duh-LAYR] children in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Lemony Snicket
This lowest-ranked graduate of the West Point class of 1861 did not wait for the arrival of Alfred Terry's forces in 1876, leading to (*) disaster for his 7th Cavalry. George Armstrong Custer
name this officer killed at Little Bighorn, his “Last Stand.” George Armstrong Custer
In this country in June 2013 the P-E-C 37 measure was widely criticized; and the Movimento Passe Livre [moh-vee-MEN-toh PAH-“say” “LEAVE”-“ray”] protested an increase in public transport fares, leading to larger demonstrations. Brazil
The government of Dilma Rousseff [JEEL-muh ROO-seff] faced anger over spending on the 2013 Confederations Cup, the 2014 (*) World Cup, and the 2016 Olympics. Brazil
V(D)J [V-D-J] recombination creates diverse variable regions that bind to epitopes [EP-ih-tohps]. antibodies
They cause autoimmune disorders when they bind to the body's own cells. For 10 points—name these proteins created by B cells that bind to antigens [ANN-tih-jins]. antibodies
In Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, the vessel Aronnax [aa-roh-naks] travels on before finding the Nautilus is named for this man. Abraham Lincoln
Walt Whitman wrote “O Captain! My Captain!” after the death of—for 10 points—what president portrayed by Daniel Day-Lewis? Abraham Lincoln
This Western Hemisphere nation's main industrial center is Valencia, the state capital of Carabobo [kah-ruh-BOH-boh]. Venezuela
It contains the delta of the (*) Orinoco [or-eh-NOH-koh] River, and substantial oil reserves exist in the basin of its Lake Maracaibo [mar-ah-KYE-boh]. Venezuela
One deity from this country constructed a palace to obtain two elixirs of immortality, but his wife drank both and ascended to the Moon. Earlier, that god from this country had shot down nine of ten suns. China
name this country, home to Yi [yee] the Archer and the Jade Emperor. China
his law was challenged in cases filed by Pedersen, Gill, and Golinski against the Office of Personnel Management. Those cases ruled that its Section 3 violated the Fifth Amendment's due process clause. Defense of Marriage Act
what act made “one man, one woman” the federal definition of matrimony? Defense of Marriage Act
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