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Its characters of Gremio and Tranio engage in a bidding war in Padua to marry Bianca, whose older sister has to wed first and then gets abused by her husband. The Taming of the Shrew
He created Barebone’s Parliament out of the Rump Parliament, sidelining many men he fought for in the New Model Army. For 10 points, name this Puritan who led after Charles I was beheaded, the Lord Protector who won the English Civil War. Oliver Cromwell
Felton is convinced to kill the Duke of Buckingham in another novel of his which features a king’s brother in prison, called the Man in the Iron Mask Alexandre Dumas
1. One of these objects darkened by tobacco juice was named “Black Betsy” and owned by Joseph Jackson. Another named “Beautiful Bella” may have weighed as much as 42 ounces and was used in 1927 by a member of the “Murderer's Row” baseball bat
of the “Murderer's Row” (*) Yankees. A third named “Wonderboy” appeared in the The Natural and was owned by Roy Hobbs. baseball bat
include the Drakensberg Mountains. In this nation, the (*) Witwatersrand [VIT-vah-terz-rahnd] separates the Limpopo and Orange drainage basins. South Africa
Limpopo and Orange drainage basins. For 10 points—name this country where one would find the cities of Pretoria, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. South Africa
Declaration of Breda, and his reign saw the passage of the Clarendon Code. During his reign this king was targeted by the (*) Rye House Plot, which sought to put his illegitimate son the Duke of Monmouth [MON-muth] on the throne. Charles II of England
muth] on the throne. For 10 points—name this Stuart king who was restored to the throne in 1660. Charles II of England
One river in this work flows five miles through wood and dale before sinking into a lifeless ocean. Kubla Khan
poem, an Abyssinian maid sings of Mount Abora and plays a dulcimer. Its speaker hears cries warning of flashing eyes and (*) floating hair. Kubla Khan
flashing eyes and (*) floating hair. The title structure of this poem is sunny, but has caves of ice. A “stately pleasure-dome” decreed in Xanadu titles—for 10 points—what Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem? Kubla Khan
interaction into an easily-detectable signal. The anode carries an output pulse that is the same no matter the impinging particle, so this system cannot distinguish among alpha, beta, and gamma rays. Geiger(-Müller) counter
impinging particle, so this system cannot distinguish among alpha, beta, and gamma rays. An audible (*) “click” is often the output on—for 10 points—what radiation detector, a counter named for a German physicist? Geiger(-Müller) counter
encouraged him to avoid enemy fire. After the Battle of Seven Pines, he replaced the wounded Joseph E. Johnston. Robert E(dward) Lee
Johnston. This general held off George McClellan at (*) Antietam [ann-TEE-tum], but was criticized for ordering Pickett's Charge. Robert E(dward) Lee
Columbian nation of Cuzcatlán [cooz-caht-LAHN]. The Gulf of Fonseca [fahn-SAY-kuh] touches the (*) eastern part of this nation, along with bordering Honduras and Nicaragua [nih-cuh-RAH-gwuh]. El Salvador
name this Central American nation whose name translates as “the Savior.” El Salvador
9. Originally founded in Cleveland but later moved to New Jersey, this company was discussed in interviews with former executive Henry Rogers in a 19-part series published in McClure's. Standard Oil
1911 broke it up into 34 smaller entities for violating the Sherman (*) Anti-Trust Act. Ida Tarbell wrote the exposé “The History of”—for 10 points—what monopolistic petroleum company founded by John D. Rockefeller? Standard Oil
“Project Smooth” led police to arrest Raed Jaser [rah-EED jah-SAIR] and Chiheb Esseghaier [shih-HEHB ess-uh-“guy”-“EAR”] for working with al-Qaeda to attack a VIA Rail line in this country whose city of Medicine Hat was devastated by heavy flooding Canada
11. Near the north pole of this body is a hexagonal cloud pattern; south of it lies a group of storms termed the Great White Spot. Saturn
Another of his sons, a one-eyed robber with a bronze club, was slain by Theseus. This father of Periphetes [PEH-ri-fee-teez] was raised on the island of Lemnos after falling for a day from (*) Olympus. Hephaestus
[PEH-ri-fee-teez] was raised on the island of Lemnos after falling for a day from (*) Olympus. He used a golden net to trap his cuckolder Ares in bed with this god's wife Aphrodite.name this crippled blacksmith of the Greek pantheon. Hephaestus
13. In the epilogue to Angels in America, the characters sit at one of these items named Bethesda. One appears at the top of the center panel of The Garden of Earthly Delights. fountain
points—what kind of object did Juan Ponce de Léon hope would restore youth? fountain
The junior senator from this state was briefly the only African-American U.S. senator. South Carolina
claimed that he would support censoring postal mail if it protected national security. Elizabeth Colbert Busch lost a May 2013 special election to a former governor of this southern state, who once had an (*) affair with an Argentine woman. South Carolina
16. One character in this novel is hit in the head with a spittoon, loses his memory, and becomes an expert tracker. Midnight's Children
features are his strong knees as compared to the protagonist's telepathic nose. (*) Saleem Sinai gains magical powers and is born at the instant of India's independence in—for 10 points—what novel by Salman Rushdie? Midnight's Children
17. One rebellion against this leader included a siege of Kumamoto Castle. This leader, who put down the Satsuma Rebellion, outlined the goals of his reign in the Charter Oath. Emperor Meiji (or Meiji the Great
ended by the Treaty of Portsmouth. At the start of his reign, he moved his capital out of (*) Kyoto and ended the Tokugawa shogunate. For 10 points—what emperor was “restored” to power over Japan in 1868? Emperor Meiji (or Meiji the Great
This molecule's precursor is methylated [MEH-thih-LAY-tid] by the enzyme PNMT. epinephrine or adrenaline
are catecholamines [kat-uh-KOHL-uh-meens] stored in chromaffin [KROH-muh-fin] cells. It binds to beta receptors to trigger the conversion of glycogen to glucose in the liver, and it is produced by namesake(*)glands atop the kidneys. epinephrine or adrenaline
points—name this author of “Gunga Din” and “If—,” who wrote about the panther Bagheera and the “man-cub” Mowgli [MOH-glee] in The Jungle Book. Rudyard Kipling
20. The pretext for this event occurred when Polish refugee Herschel Grynszpan [“greenspan”] walked into an embassy and shot diplomat Ernst vom Rath [raht] five times in the chest. Kristallnacht
drik] insisted on leaving non-Jewish property alone. For 10 points—name this Nazi attack on German Jews, known as “Night of the Broken Glass.” Kristallnacht
Measurements of spectral lines affected by this phenomenon are used to estimate distances to quasars from Hubble's law; in that technique, this effect acts on light from (*) receding objects, producing redshifts. Doppler effect
In his third symphony, this composer re-used a theme from his The Creatures of Prometheus. Ludwig van Beethoven
and clarinet imitate bird-calls in a movement by him titled “Szene am Bach” [“SCENE”-uh am BAHK]. One work by him includes a repeated short-short-short- (*) long motif in C minor often called “fate knocking at the door.” Ludwig van Beethoven
door.” For 10 points—name this composer of the Eroica and Pastoral Symphonies whose Ninth Symphony includes the “Ode to Joy.” Ludwig van Beethoven
23. He wrote of an object “like a buttercup... save that it's green and wooden” in “Asphodel, That Greeny Flower.” This author of Pictures from Brueghel [BROO-gul] wrote an epic about a New Jersey town called Paterson. Williams
Paterson. He also wrote poems about an object “glazed with (*) rainwater” and about eating plums from an icebox. Williams
24. The IAC project is using X-ray crystallography to measure this value to an accuracy of less than 20 parts per billion. Jean Perrin estimated it using Brownian motion. Avogadro('s) number or Avogadro('s) constant
billion. Jean Perrin estimated it using Brownian motion. Josef Loschmidt was the first to approximate this number, which equals the Faraday constant divided by the (*) charge on an electron. Avogadro('s) number or Avogadro('s) constant
This man designed an album cover with a banana and the text “Peel slowly and see” while managing the Velvet Underground. Andy Warhol
name this German who wrote that ”God is dead.” Friedrich (Wilhelm) Nietzsche [KNEE-chuh]
Lake Laberge [lah-BURJ] and Dawson City are located along this river. Yukon River
Antoine Jérôme Balard [ahn-twahn zhay-rohm bah-lar] extracted one of its elements from (*) seaweed, while deficiency of another causes goiter [GOY-tur]. halogens
in what World War II battle did the Soviets regain control of a city named for their leader? Battle of Stalingrad
This man surrounded a room with metal foil to block external electric fields in his namesake cage. Michael Faraday
This protagonist of “Who Could That Be at This Hour?” learned rhetoric in the V.F.D., and dedicated a book to the “darling, dearest, (*) dead” Beatrice. Lemony Snicket
The enzyme papain [PAH-pah-ayn] separates these molecules into two Fab [“fab”] and one Fc [F-C] fragments. antibodies
“The Prairie Years” subtitled part of Carl (*) Sandburg's biography of him, and Daniel Chester French made a seated sculpture of him. Abraham Lincoln
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