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Microbiology 2 final exam CLLS-312

What is BAP used for Gpc
What is Thayer Martin/ Martin Lewis used for fastidious bacteria
What is MacConkey used for GNB
How to identify S.aureus Coagulase test
How to identify N. meningitidis CTA sugars
S.pyogenes Bacitracin
S.pneumonia optichin
S.agalactiae CAMP
Malassezia furfur "spaghetti and Meatballs" KOH prep of skin scrapings. Tinea versicolor
Hartae werneckii pigmented septate hyphae. Tinea Nigra
Tinea Nigra dark lesions on palms of hands and feet
Piedraia hortae found in tropics/Black Piedra/clicking sound when brushing hair
Trichospora beigelli warm climates/poor hygiene/ White Piedra/ infects beard, axilla, and grain hair
Tinea pedis Athletes foot
Microsporum, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, Arthroderma are what Dermatophytes
What is Wood's lamp helpful in diagnosing Tinea capitis
Tinea imbricata concentric rings
Tinea favosa thick crusts on hair
Tinea barbae beard
Sporothrix schenckii Rose moss/non healing nodule or ulcer/Dimorphic, pigmented mold
Philophora Cladosporium Fonsecauea found in soil and decaying wood/Dimorphic/ sclerotic bodies in tissue/verrucose & may spread to subcutaneous tissue
Coccidiodes immitus inhalation of desert soil/valley fever/spherules in tissue/very infectious
Histoplasma capsulatum inhalation of bird droppings/histoplasmosis/ spherules with endospores in tissue/wet mounts of sherules
Histoplasma capsulatum's mold form is called Arthroconidia
What causes Valley Fever and is the most virulent fungi? Coccidioides immitus
Furrows radiating from center to edge rugose
verrucose wrinkled surface
What is common about Ascospore, Zygospore, Basidiospore Reproductive structure produced sexually
What are the tubular structures seen in mold-form growth of fungi hyphae
What is a conidiophore support structure for conidia
Infection of the nails Tinea unguium
Tinea versicolor sun spots
What can cause Tinea cruris (jock itch) Epidermophyton floccusum
The name for a fungus that is dark in color or pigmented is dematiaceous
Dimorphic exist in saprophytic mold phase in nature, and pathogenic yeast state in tissue
The common media of choice for the general cultivation of fungi is Sabouraud's
What organism produces "fried egg" colonies on agar within 1-5 days of culture from a genital specimen Mycoplasma hominis
Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma have no cell wall/smallest free living organism known/anaerobic & easy to cultivate
he infectious form of Chlamydia is Elementary body
Borrelia burgorferi causes what Lyme disease
Rickettsia rickettsia causes Rocky Mountain Spotted fever
Coxiella burnetti causes Q fever
Chlamydia psittaci causes Parrot fever
Treponema pallidum causes Syphilis
Brill-Zinser typhus is caused by what Rickettsia prowazekii
What is a characteristic of secondary syphilis raised red rash
Rickettsia are transmitted most often by arthropod vectors
The Genus of tick vector of Lyme disease is Ixodes
Chlamydia is a Obligate intracellular bacteria
True or false: Treponemes can cross the placenta true
True or false: Wooden shaft swabs should not be used to culture cell wall deficient bacteria true
Viruses are generally classified by Type of genome
The protein coat of a virus is known as the capsid
Glycoproteins on the surface of a viral envelope are used to identify & bind to receptor sites on the host cell
Presence of Heterophile antibodies that react with Paul Bunnell RBC antigen is used to test for Infectious mononucleosis
Viruses reproduce by binary fision
Most routine laboratory testing of viruses consists of testing serum for antibodies to the virus
Herpes simplex is what type of virus? DNA
Rubella is what type of virus? RNA
Polio is what type of virus? RNA
Hepatitis B is what type of virus? DNA
Poxviriridae causes what? smallpox
Rubeola causes what? measles
Oncogenic causes cancer
nucleocapsid protein coat and genetic material
virion entire viral particle
Herpesbirdae CMV
Flaviviridae Hepititis C
Orthomyxoviridae Influenza A
Ameoba responsible for amebic dysentery is Entamoeba histolytica
E. hystolytica, Iodamoeba butschili, and E. hartmonii are all types of amoebas
Giardia lamblia, Chilomastix mesnili and T. vaginalis are all types of flagellates
All clinically significant species of Leishmania are transmitted by sandflies
Diagnostic phase of Leishmania amastigote
The T.cruzi infection is caused by_____ and causes raised, red, lesions called ____. reduviid bug/chagoma
Dum dum fever is caused by what organism L.donovani
L. donovani Kalaazar
L.tropica Dehli boil
Tsetse fly African sleeping sickness
Diagnostic stage for T.cruzi trypomastigote
Diagnostic stage for G.lamblia cyst or trophozoite
Diagnostice stage for E.histolytica cyst or trophozoite
Largest intestinal round worm Ascaris lumbricoides
Whipworm is what Trichuris trichiura
E. vermicularis is called pinworm
Charaterized by crescent shaped gametocytes and multiple ring forms within RBCs P. falciprium
Sever malabsorption & potentially fatal diarrhea in immunocompromised patients. Identified using an acid fast stain C.parvum
Infective stage of the malarial parasite is merozoite
P. vivax and P. ovale cause Benign tertian malaria
P. falciparum cause blackwater fever
P. malariae causes Quartan malaria
Appropriate infective stage for I.belli is oocyst
Appropriate infective stage for B.coli is cyst
Diagnostic stage of a blood fluke is ova/egg
Recurrent Salmonella infection is common in S. mansoni
Elephantiasis is caused by W. bancrofti
River blindness O.volvulus
C.sinensis is commonly known as Chinese liver fluke
almond shaped scolex with 2 lateral sucking grooves and caused B12 deficiency D. latum
T.solium pork tapeworm
T. saginata beef tapeworm
P. westermani lung fluke
rugose means furrows radiating from center
T.rubrum red pigmented colonies
Canidia albicans thrush
S. agalacteae belongs to what group Streptococcus group B
S.pyogenes belongs to Group A, beta hemolytic/ necrotizing fasciitis
Tumbling motility Listeria species
Skirrow media C. jejuni
S.aureus Gram + cocci/Coagulase(+), creamy, beta/scalded skin syndrome
E.faecalis Bile esculin test
Pivitol test to distinguish Staph from Strep catalase-bubbles or no bubbles
E.coli oxidase(-), MUG test
Zygomycetes/Rhizopus rapid growth/immune-compromised hosts/aseptate hyphae, sporangiospores/ diagnose from direct exam
aspergillis species bread mold/bronchial inf./septate hyphae, fruiting head with phillaides "fungus ball"/silver stain
Cryptococcus neoformans inhaled bird poop/cryptococcal meningitis in AIDS patients/pleomorphic/India ink
India ink for yeast with capsule
Paracoceidioides inhalation of spores/Mickey mouse ears
Blastomyces dermatidis soil from beaver ponds/verroucous skin infection, deforming scars/thick refractile cell wall on yeast form/lollipop conidia
Created by: pamela18
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