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Lit Study Guide

This is the study guide for the JA 7th grade literature exam. (1st semester)

Why is Jonas apprehensive at the beginning of the book? the ceremony of 12 is coming.
What were all of the children taught to be extremely careful about? precision of language
What were all families required to do each night? What can we infer is the reason for this? Share feelings from the day. They did this because the community wanted the parents to prevent any problems in the community possibly before they happened.
When was release not a punishment? for a newchild or the Old
What would happen to a newchild if they didn't progress at the expected speed? they would be released.
What was Jonas's official assignment title? Receiver of Memory
What punishment did someone in the community receive for a major wrong doing? release
What is a family in Jonas's community? (What is it made of?) Father, Mother, son, and daughter
What did families do each morning? Share dreams
What was the first memory the Giver gave Jonas? snow & sledding down the hill
What lie did Jonas tell his parents? He said he understood why his parents didn't love him and why it was silly to ask that question.
What was the Giver's favorite memory he gave to Jonas? Christmas, grandparents, a real family, and love.
What is the setting? (The Giver) A dystopian community in the distant future.
What can the reader infer is the reason Mark Twain opened "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" the way he did? to let us know Tom is mischievous & Aunt Polly is kind of a pushover. (She doesn't get him in trouble as much as she should.
Why is Mark Twain so knowledgeable about this southern town that he writes about? he grew up in a southern Missouri town.
What can Tom's character be described as? mischievous
What is the climax of the book? (Tom Sawyer) when Tom sees Injun Joe in the cave
What is the significance of the closing scene of the book? (Tom Sawyer) it shows how much the boys have matured.
What is one possible theme? (Tom Sawyer) Childhood is a time to make mistakes and find out who you are.
What is the resolution of the book?(Tom Sawyer) When Tom talked Huck into going back to the Widow Douglass's house
What is the setting of the book? (Tom Sawyer) St. Petersburg, Missouri; mid-1840's
What is the point of view of the book? (Tom Sawyer) 3rd person omniscient
What is the setting of this play? (A Christmas Carol) London, England; Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas; !843
What is the Genre of this play? (A Christmas Carol) Drama
What invitation does Scrooge's nephew offer? to eat with him on Christmas Day.
What do the thin and portly men want from Scrooge? donations for the poor
How does Scrooge feel about Christmas? He hates it.
Why is Cratchit taking the day off? Its Christmas
Who is Marley? What is his relationship to Scrooge? He is Scrooge's dead business partner.
What is the purpose of Marley in the story? to help Scrooge not end up like himself.
Describe how Marley looks. in chains, in charge of whole thing
Describe how Past looks. like a candle, angelic, light
Describe how Present looks. big, jolly, fat, surrounded by food.
Describe how Future looks. Ghost of Yet to Come; creepy, phantom like
Created by: kmccormack



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