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10th F451

F451 characters and Lit. terms/devices

Clarisse.... Looked and Thought - she opened Montag's mind and eyes to the world around him
Beatty Captain of the Firemen, he has read books, but doesn't like them. He confuses Montag about books and threatens him about keeping books.
Mrs. Bowles Doesn't have a good relationship with her children she stated her kids would "kick [rather] than kiss" her.
Book people Memorize books to pass on to the new society or generation.
Faber a professor who spoke with Montag in the park and then a year later helped teach Montag about books
Granger the leader of the Book people who let Montag join them.
Mrs. Phelps One of Mildred's "friends" whose husband is going to war
Montag fireman who questions his life and purpose -is trying to find himself
Mildred Montag's wife - disconected from reality, unhappy- accidently takes too many sleeping pills - wants a 4th tv wall.
Granger said that the first thing they should build in the new society was Mirror factories so that individuals could take a good long look at themselves and see their responsiblilty in the world.
Faber told Montag that books were not the real problem what was? Leisure time to THINK, the right to ACT on things thought about and the things books CONTAINED.
What did Granger and the Book people do? Memorized important books
What did the river that took Montag away from the city symbolize? a rebirth from old to new
What does the Sand and the Sieve symbolize the sand is knowledge and the sieve represents the slipping away of that knowledge
What does Burning Bright mean? that there is optimism and hope in the future.
give 3 examples of irony in the book 1. fireman start fires not put them out 2. Montag saves books but he is suppose to burn them. 3.If everyone is so "happy" why is there so much violence, war, suicide.
Created by: THSENG3