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TTTC Characters

The Things They Carried Character Description

Tim O'Brian Author
Jimmy Cross Platoon leader, obsessed with Martha.
Mitchell Sanders Radio operator (RTO) for platoon. Picked lice off body. Tells story of listening patrol (Mountains, weird sound)
Bob "Rat" Kiley First medic of platoon. Writes Lemon's sister who doesn't respond. Tells story of song tra bong (Mary Ann). ""bugs"" get to him, he shoots foot to leave. Tortures baby buffalo after Lemon's death
Norman Bowker Kills himself after war. Asks O'Brian to write story about Kiowa.
Henry Dobbins Machine gunner. Wears gf's pantie-hoes around neck. Bonds with monks in temple
Kiowa O'Brian's best friend in platoon. SHIT FIELD
Ted Lavender Died pre-book, known for dope and tranquilizers
Curt Lemon "Dave Jensen sings ""Lemon Tree"". Rat Kiley writes to his sister and she doesn't respond."
Azar Helps O'Brian get back at Jorgenson. Blows up Lemon's dog
Dave Jensen Broke Lee Strunk's nose, then breaks his own. Makes pact with Strunk if one of them is disabled.
Lee Strunk Nose broken by Dave Jensen. Makes pact with Jensen if one of them is disabled. Looses leg.
Bobby Jorgenson New medic, didn't treat for shock. O'Brian and Rat Kiley play trick
Martha Cross' love
Linda "O'Brian's ""first love"", dies of tumor"
Kathleen O'Brian's daughter
Mark Fossie Brings Mary Anne to war
Mary Anne Bell Mark Fossie's girlfriend
Elroy Berdahl Man in the cabin by the lake in Canada
Nick Veenhof Pulls off Linda's hat
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