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ekb-Wizard of Oz

20 basic words from The Wizard of Oz

WordMeaningExample Sentence
abundant more than enough In most American houses, on Thanksgiving Day, turkey, potatoes, and pies are abundant.
anxious uneasy and worried Alice was so anxious about her test the next day she almost could not sleep.
assemblage a collection of persons or things Roberto's bedroom was an assemblage of broken toys, dirty laundry and model airplanes.
briskly alert, lively, quickly The Tiger walked briskly towards the watering hole.
comrade companion, friend Kris enjoyed spending time with her comrades in the Girl Scouts.
confidential secret, private, only for certain people A student's school records are confidential and may only be seen by the principal, the teacher and the parents.
cyclone tornado The giant cyclone roared across the prairie, wrecking houses.
earnest very serious Anna was earnest when she said she loved her boyfriend, though some people doubted her.
glance to give a quick look The teacher glanced at her students before returning to grading papers.
glisten to shine softly William enjoyed watching the lake glisten in the moonlight.
hearty vigorously healthy and thorough Santa Claus is known for a hearty laugh AND appetite!
inconvenient causing trouble or annoyance Going through a metal detector at an airport is inconvenient and takes time, but it's necessary.
inquire to ask about ”How is your mother?" inquired Susan.
mishap accident, sometimes small or funny Gregory was known for his mishaps. He seemed to break things everywhere he went!
mourn to feel sad about the loss of something or someone Some people mourn for a pet that dies for years.
murmur low and unclear sound of talking Lots of students murmur something nasty when a teacher punishes them.
scamper to run playfully Molly threw a piece of string and watched her kitten scamper after it.
sober serious and without emotion Failing a test made Malcolm very sober about his chances of passing English.
vexed irritated and annoyed The school principal was often vexed by visitors parking in her parking space.
wail to cry or yell loudly and sadly The baby wailed when her mother took a toy away.
Created by: lizkbailey