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The Consumer

A good consumer Shops around, knows their right's, knows how to complain
False Economy Thinking your saving money in the short run but end up spending more money in the long run
Loss Leader When shops sell a popular product very cheaply to attract people into the shop hoping they will buy other goods.
Caveat Emptor Let the buyer beware
Guarantee A promise from the manufacturer to replace a product if faulty
Warranty A promise from the manufacturer to replace any parts that are faulty up to a certain time period.
Redress Refund, Replace, Repair, Credit note
Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 -Goods sold must be of merchantable quality -Goods sold must match the description given -Goods sold must match the sample provided -Those who provide a service must have the appropriate qualifications
Consumer Protection Act 2007 -Set up National Consumer Agency -Must not say anything false about the goods -Must not say anything false about a service -Must have sold a good at the previous sale price for a minimum period.
National consumer Agency Investigates complaints for for consumers, provides info on their rights, makes sure goods sold in Ireland are safe
Small Claims Procedure Pay a small fee for district court to hear the complaint, the office will try to solve it directly. If not, the judge will rule on the issue and order compensation up to €2000.
Other Agencies Ombudsman, Consumer Association of Ireland, Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland.
Why do consumers need protection? - Protect against : aggressive selling; traders making false claims about prices; and goods that are faulty.
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