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21st Century Skills


A profession for which one trains; a job or jobs over a long period. Career
Knowledge or skills one gets from doing, feeling or seeing something. Experience
Things employers offer their employees in addition to wages. Benefits
A procedure in which one usually studies and pays for in order to have an authorized person verify their qualifications and skills in a particular area. Certifications
An ability or characteristic that makes you suitable for a particular job. Qualification
This is made up of the employers who need employees and the people who need jobs. Labor Market
The total amount of money received on a regular basis. Salary
The environment in which ones works (stress level, amenities, hours worked, etc.) Working Conditions
The knowledge gained by an individual after studying particular subject area. Education
This type of hacker is always good – they are very smart. A general term for a large group. One of the main groups of hackers. White Hat
This type of Hacker works for Microsoft and is a very skilled hacker. Blue Hat
This type of hacker is always bad – they are typically smart. A general term for a large group of hackers. One of the main groups of hackers. Black Hat
This is a mixture of the two main groups of hackers. They do some good and some bad. Grey Hat
This type of hacker is at the top of the social class of all hackers. They are the most intelligent and most skilled of all hackers. Elite
This type of hacker is involved in cyber warfare. They are typically full countries. Nation State
This type of hacker is the lowest type of hacker. They are very unskilled and often computer illiterate. Neophyte
This type of hacker replicates what other hackers have already done. They are usually juveniles. Script Kiddie
This type of hacker acts on social or political causes and is very passionate about what they do. An example is the group Anonymous. Hacktivist
The term for what is right or wrong, good or bad. Your personal beliefs. Ethics
The act of downloading music, software, or movies illegally. Piracy
A program that allows a person to take access of your computer from another location without you knowing. Rootkit
Only for programs that can replicate, this type of program usually attaches to a real program and copies itself inside a computer. Computer Virus
These programs seem like they are going to be useful but then harm your computer. Typically you’ll find these in e-mail attachments or from ads that you download. Trojan Horse
The most general term for harmful computer programs. Malware
Fake e-mail messages that seem real and ask for your personal information. Phishing
Programs that spread and copy themselves to multiple computers on a network. Worms
Software that automatically plays on your computer. Adware
Programs that don’t appear to be harmful but gather personal and private data from your computer. Spyware
Created by: misskline