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consumer anyone who buys goods and services for their own good
false economy a situation where a purchase appears cheaper and turns out in the long run to be more expensive
caveat emptor let the buyer beware
credit note a document made out to the consumer for the value of the goods returned
guarantee a promise by a manufacturer to repair or replace damaged goods free of charge within a stated period of time
merchantable quality this means that the goods should be of resonable quality consideringwhat was said about them,what they are supposed to do,the price paid
Fit for the purpose example:a washing machine must be capable of washing clothes
Be as described example:a jacket as described waterproof shouldn't let the rain in
Same as sample example:the wallpaper should be the same as the sample you seen in the shop
a good something tangible
a service something a person or machine does for you
National Consumer Agency An organisation that investigates complaints of misleading advertisements and provide information to consumers about their rights
Below cost selling when certain shops sell popular products very cheaply below their cost price
The Ombudsman a representative of the people who investigate complaints by the public who have problems with an organisation
loss leaders a product sold below cost price
The Consumer Association of Ireland An Association that protects consumers in I reland
The Small Claims Court used by consumers who are making claims for faulty or poor quality goods
The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland An organisation that investigates complaints for the members of yhe public who find an advertisement offensive or upsetting
The Trade Associations An organisation that represents particular traders,manufacturers or retailers the public can complain to them about a trader or retailer or manufacturer
A brand this refers to different makes of particular
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