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Feelings, vocab, sayings

Thirsty Tart
Hungry Orcas
Lonely Uaigneas
Happy/delighted Athas/gliondar
Ashamed Náire
Angry Fearg
Sad/sorry Brón
Excited Sceitiminí
Tired Tuirse
Scared Eagla
Worried Imni
Jealous Ead
Proud Bród
Disappointed Diomá
Windy Gaofar
East Oirthear
South Deisceart
North Tuaisceart
West Iathar
Rug Ruga
Pyjamas Pitseamaí
Cover Cuilt
Pillow Piliúr
Wardrobe Vardrús
Desk Deasc
Drawer Taisceadán
Shower Cithfholcadh
Sink Doirteal
Towel Tuaille
Toilet Leathreas
Bath Folcadán
Washing machine Meaisín níocháin
Stove Bruthaire
Oven Oigheann
Dish washer Míasniteoir
Tap Sconna
Fridge Cuisneoir
Freezer Reoiteoir
Horribe day Lá uafásch
Hard Go trom
Préachta leis an bhfuacht
Traffic was heavy Trácht go trom
Crossroad Gcrosbhothar
Fast Go tapaidh
Screeching of brakes Gíoscán na gcoscán
Too late Ródhéanach
Bhuail carr í agus leagadhí
They were on the scene in no time Ba gheart go raibh siad ar an láthair
They put her on a strecher Chuir siad ar shinteán
Good thing she was wearing a helmet Bhían t-adh léí mar bhí clogad uirthi
Created by: macariericaxx



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