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English III

American Romanticism Introduced

In the mid-1700s, _____________________ replaced home based workshops. factories
Two new inventions, the _______________________ and the ___________________ revolutionized transportation. steam boats, railroads
This also helped to divide the US into the north, which has large cities and an economy based on manufacturing, and the __________________, with an economy based on farming ______________________. South, Cotton
During the Age of Reform, Americans group together to stop slavery and drunkenness, secure women's rights
In the 1800s Romantic writers valued ______________________ and ____________________ over intellect and ______________________. emotion,imagination,reason
Romantics celebrated the power, beauty, and wonder of the Natural World
What is literature with a “brooding atmosphere that emphasizes the unknown and inspires fear Gothic literature
Gothic pieces of literature typically feature wild and remote settings, such as haunted castles,wind-blasted moors
famous Gothic Romantic writer Edgar Allen Poe
marked the arrival of the “common people” in American politics Andrew Jackson
The main idea of Transcendentalism was Idealism, which main idea was reality exists in our ideas
What did Emerson tell people the ultimate source of truth is within ourselves
What was the one thing Emerson said he taught every person was infinite
Who spent two years in the wilderness viewing his natural surroundings Henry David Thoreau
Who argued that his “individual conscience was more important than the law Henry David Thoreau
What famous romantic writer wrote a lot about his Puritan ancestors Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who wrote the Gothic piece, Frankenstein, a novel about a monster destroying its creator Mary Shelley
What new type of fiction did Edgar Allan Poe invent The Detective Story
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