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Network Admin Participation 9 10 11

Please give example about hacker behavior select target using IP lookup tools map network for accessible services identify vulnerable service brute-force or guess password install remote administration tools access the other part of the network
Please give example about insider behavior create additional accounts for themselves and friends access accts and applications they do not need to use for work e-mail former and prospective employers conduct furtive instant message chatting visit web sites perform large DL and file copying
Please give example about criminal enterprise behavior act quickly and precisely to make their activities hard to detect exploit perimeter via vulnerable ports leave trojan horse for re-entry use sniffers to get password make few or no mistakes
Please list the four main steps in intrusion methodology -hacker -password -IDS -honeypot
Please list the two main techniques for intrusion detection -statistical anomaly detection- normal behavior -rule-based detection- rule-based anomaly/penetration identification
Please explain the main types of malware trapdoor-secret entrypoint into prog logic bomb-code embed in prog is activ8 under spec cond trojan-prog with hidden sideFX virus-software that infects progs worm-replicat prog propagates over internet zombie-a comprimised PC exe ma code in an attack
Please list the main structure of virus infection mechanism trigger payload
Please explain what is DDOS attack Distributed Denial of Service- using "zombie" computers to flood network with useless traffic to overload a server or service down
What is the main generation of firewall -packet filter firewall -stateful packet firewall -application level firewall -circuit level firewall
Please list the main firewall based on the location -bastion host -DMZ dual -host based firewall -personal firewall
Created by: ITSec_guy