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English III

The Crucible

What is the best definition of the word "Crucible" a piece of lab equipment used to heat chemical compounds to to very high temperatures or to melt metal
How would you describe Salem and the event that go on Dominated by the Puritan Way of Life, hypocritical, greedy people
How would you describe Tituba a woman from Barbados who practices what the Puritans view as “black magic."
1. What does Parris discover the girls doing in the woods he found girls dancing in the forest dancing
Who is Reverend Parris’s niece Abigail Williams is Parris’ niece
Why does Abigail think she was dismissed from the Proctor’s services because Elizabeth Proctor is jealous of her relationship with John Proctor
What is Ann Putnam greatest grief? the death of all of her babies
How would you characterize Abigail Abigail is vengeful, selfish, manipulative, and a magnificent liar
Why is Betty in a trancelike state Betty is faking her sickness, because her father found her and her friends in the woods doing things they should not do
What motivates people to accuse others Fear, jealousy, greed, revenge
Why does Abigail threaten Betty and the other girls she does not want to get found out that she was trying to find a way to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor, the girls had to all keep to the same story
Why does Abigail accuse Goody Good and Goody Osburn because she's getting pressured of what they were asking her so she told them
Why does Giles say that Martha is reading strange books he thinks she might be a witch
What has Mary Warren been doing at the beginning of Act II making a small rag doll, called a “poppet.”
What does Proctor suggest Elizabeth do at the beginning of the Act forget about Abigail like he has
What is Elizabeth afraid of at the beginning of the Act John could get pulled into the mess, because she thinks he went to Salem that day
How can the accused save themselves confess
What reason does Proctor give Hale for being absent from church he has not gone to church because his wife has been sick
Why does Hale come to the Proctor house to see for himself what is going on
Which Commandment does Proctor forget he forgets to remember Adultery
What advice does Hale give the Proctors Hale urges Proctor to think about causes. He prays that God will open up their eyes
What does Mary give Elizabeth Mary gives Elizabeth a “poppet"
What is Cheever’s job Cheever is appointed by the court to arrest the accused
What does Proctor demand Mary do as Elizabeth is led away in chains Proctor demands that Mary explain how the poppet got into the house
What are the chief conflicts in Act II The chief conflicts in Act II are Proctor vs. Hale, Proctor vs himself Abigail vs Elizabeth Proctor
Why is Herrick shamefaced when he appears at the Proctor’s house Herrick is ashamed that he has to be a apart of arresting Elizabeth Proctor and the others. He does not believe in the witchcraft business but he is just doing his job
Why does Mary Warren join the girls in their accusations Abigail and the other girls threaten her
Why does Elizabeth say that Abigail has accused her to prevent John Proctor from exposing her
How does Danforth feel about the court the law should be followed exactly
What do the judges do with the evidence presented they rejected logical fact
Who begins to doubt the rightness of the trials Reverend Hale begins to doubt the rightness of the trials
Who accuses others in order to get their land Thomas Putnam accuses others in order to get their land
What does Hawthorne ask Mary Warren to do that she can’t to show how she pretended to faint
What does Abigail do as soon as Danforth begins to question her pretended to be a victim of Mary's witchcraft
What secret does Proctor reveal in court his wife never lies, so if she says she is pregnant then indeed she is.
How do the girls terrorize Mary Warren in the courtroom They mimic whatever she says until Danforth orders Mary to “withdraw your spirit back out of them.”
Who is taken to jail at the end of Act III John Proctor and Giles Corey are taken to Jail at the end of Act III
Why is Parris concerned about the depositions because Proctor accused Parris of knowing about the girls dancing in the forest, because he found them
Why does Abigail “win she makes herself the victim, and therefore cannot get accused
Why does Danforth not want to find that the girl’s accusations are false he would be blamed for the death of many innocent people
Why does Elizabeth lie lies to save her husband from being called a lecher and adulterer
What does Cheever reveal at the beginning of Act IV there are cows wandering all around because so many of their owners are in jail
What news does Parris give the court Abigail and Mercy Lewis have disappeared
Who urges Danforth to postpone the trials Hawthorne
What does Hale urge Elizabeth to do to speak with her husband, to compel him to confess so he can live
How does Giles die He was was tortured to death
Why does Proctor originally not confess he did not want to lose his name
For what does Elizabeth blame herself being cold an unaffectionate
What does Elizabeth mean when she says she has “kept a cold house" she was not affectionate to her husband
What does Proctor admit to in his confession to being an adulterer
Why does Elizabeth refuse to influence Proctor’s decision whether to confess Elizabeth does not want to influence Proctor’s decision to confess because she says she cannot take his goodness from him, now that he has it.
Why does Proctor tear up his confession? Proctor says he will not confess because all he has left is his name and he would rather die with his name then live without it
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