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English III

In The Beginning, Romanticism, Transcendentalism, Gothic

In her poem, what does Bradstreet mostly criticize herself for? valuing material possessions too much
What two things does Bradstreet emphasize the things she lost and her memories of happy occasions in the house
What does Bradstreet imply when she writes "I blest His name that gave and took… material objects are ultimately God's and not her
Where did the pilgrims' ship first reach land in America Cape Cod Massachusetts
How does Bradford describe the American indians whom the Puritans encounter indifferent, keeping their distance, and stealing from the settlers occasionally
At the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims are most thankful for what? the land, and plenty of food
The chronological order of "The Starving Time" illness and death, long cold winter, survivors struggle to look after and feed the sick, an Indian reaches out the Pilgrims, an agreement is met, the Indians begin to show the Pilgrims how to grow their food
The Pilgrims regard their voyage as one that is what both a physical and spiritual journey
in his sermon, Edwards mainly taps into his audience's fear of what burning forever in a fiery pit
When Edwards refers to the "unconverted persons in the congregation," he chiefly addresses who? members who do not accept Jesus Christ as their savior
Edwards presents God as a being who is what is often angry and vengeful
How does Edwards build a sense of urgency and peril death and damnation may occur at any moment
What is the only way that people can escape from God's anger experience a "change of heart" and accept Christ
What is Edward's purpose in delivering this sermon jolt his congregation into mending their ways
According to Edwards, what is the only thing that has saved his listener's from hell hand
What does Edwards mean when he says, "The bow of god's wrath is bent, and the arrow made ready on the string… god is prepared to demonstrate his anger
Henry points out the contradiction between the British and what claims of peaceful intent and their growing military presence in America
Henry recounts several instances in which the colonists sought agreement and acceptable terms with the British. He does this to persuade the delegates to do what to fight against the British
Henry states that the colonists have what advantage over the British moral correctness and conviction
Why does Henry advocate immediate action by colonists if the colonists do not take action the British will overpower them as they are already ready to fight the colonists into submission
What is the main purpose of Patrick Henry's speech persuade his fellow delegates to fight agains the British
What is an example of persuasion through an emotional appeal "There is no retreat, but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged!
What is the best example of persuasion through an appeal to reason "The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the North will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms!"
What is Emerson's attitude toward society Society forces everyone to reform
According to Emerson, the person who can truly see nature is like a child how because he or she sees with the heart as well as with the eye
What is the philosophy of the Romantic writers imagination versus reason, spontaneity versus control, subjectivity and metaphysical musing versus objective fact, individualism versus social conformity, democracy versus monarchy
What does Emerson compare society to in this excerpt Joint-Stock Company
What is the "divine ideas" which each of us represent People are afraid to be individuals
Emerson states that the most sacred aspect of a person is what the integrity of their own mind
According to Emerson, what is the "hobgoblin of little maids" people who don't think for themselves,follows what everyone else tells them. Conspiracy
Why does Mr Hooper's sudden adoption of a black veil make his congregation uneasy they can think of no explanation for his actions. They were surprised and fearful
What happens after the end of the services on the first Sunday that Mr Hooper wears a black veil no one wants to walk beside him or invite him for dinner
How does Mr Hooper change after permanently adopting the black veil he tends to his congregation with his usual care
Why does Ben Franklin leave Boston he was running away from his home
In the selection from his autobiography, Franklin seems most eager to portray his self reliance
Franklin considers moral perfection to be what a state attainable through study and practice
In developing a method for examining virtues, what does Franklin reveal about himself logical and orderly mind
Franklin relies on which forms of transportation to reach Philadelphia walking and boats
How does Franklin portray himself as a young man ability to work steadfastly towards his goals
How can the speaker be described melancholy, and trying to forget a tragedy
When the narrator opens the door of his chamber and peers out, he half expects to find what/who Lenore, the deceased woman that he was in love with
How does the speaker change in his reaction to the raven The speaker at first enjoys the company of the raven. how ever after hearing "nevermore." he becomes angry
When the raven first says "Nevermore" the speaker takes this to mean what The speaker of the poem first thinks the raven means it's name is Nevermore
The narrator guesses that the Raven says the single word "Nevermore" because The narrator feels that his soul will "nevermore" leave the raven's shadow.
Near the end of the poem the speaker asks the Raven two questions to which the bird answers "Nevermore" These questions concern what He asks if there is an end to his suffering, and if he will ever see Lenore again in heaven
What can the reader infer from the ending of the poem the narrator dies
Which word in the following passage is an example of onomatopoeia? "While I nodded nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping./As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door." tapping
Identify an example of internal rhyme once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary."
Who are the first people of North America Native Americans whose ancestors came over to the americas form Asia
What were the beliefs of the English Puritans they believed in making a simple "pure" life far away from the monarchy, Church of England, and The Roman Catholic Church
Because the Puritans believed that the arrival of God's grace was demonstrated by Saintly behavior they believed they needed to live a good and exemplary as possible
Cotton Mather is best remembered in the annals of science as the First doctor to create inoculation
Through Gothic novels, romantic writers exploited mystery and a variety of horrors
The journey in American Romantic literature can best be characterized as as leaving civilization and entering the world of nature
How are Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville similar Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne are two of the most influential authors in American Literature. Both men wrote about similar themes, creating great admiration between them. The relationship that had grown between them was a source of critic and in
Why is the Sky Tree important to Sky Land it is the source of food
Why does Aataentsic cut down the Sky Tree to save her husband's life
How is the reader to view Aataentsic's actions in following the tree through the hole She is trying to protect life
How does Tom react to the Devil's offer( "The Devil and Tom walker") he is interested but needs time to think about the offer
In what ways is the story a satire ("The Devil and Tom walker") the story satires marriages and greed
How does Irving portray the dark side of religion and wealth in the story ("The Devil and Tom walker") He shows the evil side of both, too consumed with accumulating wealth, and he takes on religion only to save himself
What eventually happens to Tom's wife ("The Devil and Tom walker") She disappears
According to Paine, what is the best way to defeat the British ("The Crisis, No.1") the troops from all States join together in the fight
According to Paine, what does he suggest would happen to a State that surrenders its arms to the British ("The Crisis, No.1") suffer the hostility of the other States
What does Paine contend that the Tories are doing ("The Crisis, No.1") possibly aiding and encouraging the British army
What does Paine suggest when he compares the British king to a thief or housebreaker ("The Crisis, No.1") That the king and Britain steal from America
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