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A/V Film Unit 1-3

Audio Video and Film Fundamentals Units 1-3

Document record in detail
Oral-communication the process of sharing information by using verbal symbols to send and receive messages
Visual-communication the process of sharing information by using nonverbal symbols to send and receive messages
Demo-reel video projects stored on tape to demonstrate skills learned Video Portfolio
Director the creative force that pulls a video or film together and is responsible for turning the works of a script into images on the screen
Editor the individual responsible for assembling a video production from production footage and other raw materials
Producer the individual who administers all the various aspects of a production, from initial concept to script and budget preparation to shooting, post-production, and release
Photographer the person responsible for operating the camera and capturing images to video or film
Talent people in front of the camera, such as actors, actresses, anchors, hosts, and guests
Camera-positions the level of the camera some positions include: ground level, waist level, shoulder level, overhead
Camera-angles_or_shot-angles the view point chosen from which to photograph a subject
Camera-movement a variety of movements made by a camera to secure specific shots
Camera-shots a variety of camera angles used to capture a specific area
Establishing-shot a wide shot meant to orient the audience to an overall locale and the relationship between scene elements
Medium-shot video scene that contains a somewhat limited amount of material Usually restricted to fewer than three people 8-12 feet from action
Close-up video scene with a restricted field of view EX: a hand that fills the screen or a single face
Extreme_Close-up the shot that tightly frames the subject EX: lips or a freckle on a face
Compatibility how well equipment, software, etc works with other equipment, software, etc
Composition the controlled ordering of elements in a scene designed to provide the strongest artistic arrangement and the most effective communication of a central idea
RCA-Connector_or_Cable type of standard, low-level signal interconnect termination or connector featuring a single, cylindrical metal rod and an outer, round metal belt
Firewire(IEEEl394) a high speed data transfer and connection system that can support high end digital a/v applications
USB an interface designed for low and medium speed data transfer between devices
Black(controltrack) the portion of a videotape signal consisting of timing pulses associated with video fields and frames used in editing and maintaining playback synchronization also, this is the process of laying a control track by recording nothing onto a new video tape
B-roll action and activities captured on videotape to support audio portion of a package
Pan the horizontal movement of the camera from right to left or left to right while the tripod and dolly remain stationery
Clip a unit of program material in a digital editing project a clip may contain anything from part of one shot to several shots together
F-Connector the standard connector used with coaxial cable and the RF inputs/outputs of most video equipment
Aperture the opening in the lens that admits light the iris diaphragm can vary the aperture from fully open to almost or completely closed also, an opening of a particular size, as in "the aperture is f/8"
Analog non-digital continuous waveform signal, which may contain an infinite number of points along a frequency rang
Dolly a rolling cart used to move a camera closer to or further away from a subject
Super-Video Round multi-pin connector - video signal is transmitted in Y/C form the Y being the black and white information and C being the two color difference signals, R-Y and R-B, from the component signal
Truck the lateral movement of a camera, tripod and dolly to the left or right of a subject
Tilt the up and down movement of the camera while the dolly remains stationery
Mini-plugs mall audio cable (35mm) used to connect microphones, headphones, and/or speakers to computers and other audio equipment one black band on the plug tip means mono and two signifies stereo
¼_plug audio cable (65mm) used to connect microphones and headphones to audio and stereo equipment
180_degree_rule (Line_of_Action)an imaginary line which determines the direction people and things face when viewed through the camera
Conversion process of changing video signals from one state to another state
Depth_of_Field the distance range, near-to-far, within which subjects appear sharp in the image
Digital information made up of discreet units that can be counted
DV camera video camera that records onto digital media, such as digital tape
Export removing a video project from its source to a new location or format ( i.e.: computer to camera or Flash swf to AVI)
Fade an optical effect in which the image of a scene is gradually replaced by a uniform dark area or vice versa
Focus the extent to which an image is sharp or blurry
File_format designates the type of digital file, often designated by it's suffix (EX doc, swf, tiff, wav)
Frame the individual picture image on a strip of motion picture film
Graphics the pictures that computers display
Hand-held_mic a microphone that is held in a hand
Head-room the area between the top of the actor's head the top of the picture frame
In_point an editing mark made in the video clip to signal when the clip should start to play
Jump_cut a cut that creates a lack of continuity by leaving out parts of the action
Lavaliere_mic small microphone that can be easily hidden on a piece of clothing so as not to be seen by the camera
Lead_room in composition the blank space left in front of a subject looking off screen
Lift in non-linear editing, removing a segment of audio/video from the track without replacing it with segments next to it or moving any other segment on the timeline
Date/clock the time setup in the camera, VCR, or computer some editing programs require the time to be exactly the same before they will communicate with the camera or VCR
Import to move data from a camera and tape into the computer through the fire wire or other type of capturing device or to move a file into another program (such as video, pictures, or animation files into a program for editing)
Insert an editing process that inserts video and audio information over an existing control track In non-linear editing, it is also inserting video and/or audio between two other segments on the editing track without overwriting the existing segments They adjace
Key_Frame points that can be set in video or audio to control levels of sound, pan/spread levels, motions and filters these key frames effect changes to the audio/video over the course of the video They are especially important in marking movement changes in animat
Hi8mm 8mm size digital video tape
Log a record of events To scan field tapes in order to pick sound bites and usable shots
Mini_DV small (mini) digital video tapes
Omni-directional in all directions simultaneously
Out_point an edit point in a video clip to signal the end point of a segment in the time line
Picture-in-Picture the method of representing two separate video signals simultaneously on the screen
Pixel (picture element) smallest dot that a monitor can display at a particular resolution. tiny light sensitive area that changes according to color and intensity of light hitting it
Pre-roll the time needed between the start of a videotape and when it stabilizes
Reverse zoom the pulling back of the focal length and, therefore, the angle of view of a zoom lens goes from large to small
Rule_of_thirds guideline for producing compositions which are pleasing to the eye, with imaginary lines dividing the image horizontally and vertically
Sequence a series of shots or clips made in an organized manner to be arranged in a meaningful manner order could be arranged chronologically, by size, or any pattern set by videographer
Shotgun_mic a highly directional microphone, usually with a long, tubular body; used by the production sound mixer on location or on the set for film and television productions
Stand_by cue given to talent to prepare to be "on-camera"
Time_code the unique identifying code number assigned to each frame of the video Time code is expressed in hours, minutes, seconds, and frames, counted from the point at which time code recording is started
Tripod a three legged device that attaches to cameras to hold them steady tripods usually feature adjustable features, such as extendable legs, pan and tilt, or swivel heads, and quick release buttons
(video_home_system a consumer oriented videotape format using 1/2-inch tape housed in a cassette
VHS-C smaller version of the VHS format It has an adaptor case that allows it to be played in a regular VCR
View_finder a viewing screen built into a video camera enabling the operator to monitor the images being recorded most electronic viewfinders also allow the playback and review of recorded material
Voice_over narration or non-synchronous dialog taking place over the action onscreen
White_balance electronically adjusting a camera's chroma channels for a light source so that white will be reproduced as true white most cameras can automatically white balance when the operator fills the screen with a white card and pushes a white balance button
Zoom an optical effect in which the image rapidly grows larger or smaller as though the camera is moving closer or away from its subject
Federal Communications Commission independent government agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio and television and wire and cable and satellite
Incandecent Light created by Heat. White Light - Very Bright
Grip lighting and rigging technicians in the filmmaking and video production industries
Gaffer in charge of lighting equipment and set-up in conjunction with a production's director of photography (DP).
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