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2nd- 9Weeks Test

1. Which best describes ancient Greece? mainland with several islands at the southeastern corner of Europe
2. The Mediterranean Sea links Greece to which areas? Asia, North Africa, Western Europe
3. According to ancient Greek beliefs, who lived on Mount Olympus? Greek gods and goddesses
4. Which of the following describes an aristocracy? government controlled by a few wealthy people
5. Why was the battle of Salamis so important? The sea battle ended the Persian threat.
6. In which field of study did the Greeks excel during the Golden Age? seeking natural laws to explain actions in the world
7. How did Alexander become king? He inherited the title from his father.
8. What was Hellenistic culture? blend of Greek and Asian cultures
9. According to legend, how was the city of Rome founded? by Romulus and Remus after they killed the king in 753 B.C.
10. Which did the Etruscans NOT teach the Romans? how to grow grapes and olives
11. Who were the plebeians? Roman citizens who were not wealthy
12. Which was a significant achievement of the Romans? constructing elevated aqueducts
13. Why were the Christians persecuted? They would not worship the emperor as a god.
14. Who made Christianity equal to other religions in the Roman Empire and banned the persecution of Christians? Constantine
15. Which was an effect of hiring mercenaries to defend the Roman Empire? German tribes crossed the border and raided Roman towns.
16. What was Constantine’s major achievement? He reunited the western and eastern parts of the Roman Empire.
17. How did barbarians weaken the Roman Empire? by taking over part of the eastern empire and attacking Roman cities in the north
18. Which is NOT true about the Nile River? The Egyptians have never been able to track its flooding pattern.
19. How did the Nile help Egyptian civilization develop? It provided Egyptians with fertile land and a means of transportation.
20. Which is NOT true about ancient Egypt? Unlike Sumerian women, Egyptian women could not own land or handle business transactions.
21. Which is true about the relationship between Egypt and Nubia? After Kush became free, different groups of people conquered Egypt and the civilization declined.
22. How is the land surrounding the Nile in Nubia different from the land in Egypt? Tall cliffs surround the Nile in Nubia.
23. Which is NOT true about the Huang River? It was named “Huang” because the blue of the sky reflects off the river’s water.
24. What have people built to control flooding along the Huang River? levees
25. What did Shi Huangdi begin to build to protect the empire from northern invaders? Great Wall of China
26. Which is NOT true about the Han dynasty? People first began to write on wooden or bamboo slips.
27. Which is NOT true about the later years of the Zhou dynasty? It was a time of peace in which people were mostly generous and kind.
28. How is Daoism different from Confucianism? Daoism does not focus on order in society.
29. Which is NOT a landform found in Mesoamerica? tundra
30. How have some cultures used the rich soil in parts of Mesoamerica? to grow crops such as chili peppers
31. How have some cultures used the rich soil in parts of Mesoamerica? to grow crops such as chili peppers
32. What is a cenote? a natural well considered sacred to the Maya
33. Who did the Maya believe ruled Mayan life? the gods
34. Which is NOT an event in Aztec history? The Aztec Empire enjoyed great power and continued to grow after encountering Spanish explorers.
Created by: acostavi
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