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12 Angry Men Vocab

sadism when a person likes to see other people get hurt
bigot a person who hates and is intolerant of certain people based on their prejudices
unanimous 100% agreement
naive a person who lacks knowledge due to a lack of experience in a certain area
abstain to hold back voluntarily
discrepancy a difference, a mismatch
tenement a slum, a run down apartment complex
writhing continual twits and contortions of the body usually due to pain
conceivable able to be imagined
premeditated planned ahead of time
bias favoring one type of person or thing over another
point of view perspective from which something is viewed
stereotype a generalization about one person applied to a whole group
protagonist the leading character around whom the action of a story is set
antagonist the character who opposes the main character
dynamic character a character who grows or changes over the course of a story
static character a character who remains the same and does not grow over the course of a story
flat character a character who is NOT fully developed in a story and we don't see many of their characteristics
round character a character who is fully developed and we see many sides of them and many of their characteristics
direct characterization when the narration or narrator in a story tells us what a character is like
indirect characterization they kind of characterization used when we need to infer character traits from what a character says, does, thinks, feel, how they look, or how they interact with others
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